Past Revisited

Hello, I am 26yrs old and 5 yrs ago I was dating this guy for a while and I fell head over heals with him. Well we broke up and he went back to his ex. I ran into him about 2 weeks ago and he wants back into my life. How do I know if this will work now? How do I know he won't go back to his ex-which he says it's over?

Basically you don't. This is one of those cases where you have to trust your instincts and then take a calculated risk if you decide the odds are in your favour. I always advise my clients in your situation to ask one crucial question - `what's changed?'

Why did he go back to his ex in the first place? Was it because of unfinished emotional business which is easy to understand and forgive or is he just a fickle person by nature?

Ask the tough questions and only when you're satisfied that he has truly learned his lesson should you seriously consider resuming the relationship.

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