New Romance

I have recently started seeing a lady. She's very easy to be with, we enjoy each other's company and she seems to like me but I can't tell! We met in a pub quite by chance and it seemed natural to make arrangements to see each other after that. We've now gone out a few times but I can see no clues either way as to whether I stand a chance with her or if she really just wants a `mate.' It's too early for romance or anything and it's not that I want to race her into bed but I would like some sort of sign. Am I being too impatient?

My answer to your question depends on whether you're impatient because you're genuinely puzzled by her neutral approach or if it's because of your own insecurity. Each of us needs to be clear in our own minds who we are and what we want rather than expect others to reassure us or prop us up.

Therefore, if you really like this girl and you think there's a chance of a real relationship, just hang on for a little longer without pushing for more. Dating someone new is always awkward because the boundaries are not clear and the parties are not yet comfortable with each other. It's far better for any relationship to be based on friendship initially so let things unfold gently. When it feels right, you will know when to move the situation onto a more personal plane. She may be the sort of person who doesn't show her feelings outwardly so it may be up to you to take a chance and make the first move.

I think you'll soon know if she's interested in you as a man or as a mate. I wish you luck with this but trust yourself and you won't go wrong.

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