How To Make The Perfect Apology

How To Make The Perfect Apology

How To Make The Perfect Apology

Everyone at some point in their life will do or say something to someone they care about that they will regret soon after. So what is the best way to show and say I'm sorry? One way is to follow up those important words with the sincere sentiment that flowers provide.

Choose from the heart

When deciding which flowers to represent how sorry you are it is important that you choose the right species or colour of flower to properly highlight how important your apology to them really is. If chosen properly your bouquet or potted flower will show them the kind of thought and effort you have put into your floral apology, so make sure that the arrangement you choose comes entirely from the heart.

Spring flowers

Spring flowers are a great choice for an apology due in part to the sense of fresh starts and new beginnings they tend to represent. Tulips, for example, have been long considered a symbol of forgiveness. Daffodils can also represent a sense of forgiveness and new beginnings.


The lily is considered to be on the most precious and resplendently beautiful flowers in the world, especially the calla lily. If your apology is directed at a spouse or significant other, the lily is a great way to present your apology. Lilies come in many lovely varieties and colours each seemingly more beautiful than the last. The species of lily you choose is entirely up to you, but as far as colour goes a white or pale pastel tone is best as soft colours tend to represent peace and humility.


Whenever someone thinks about a flower that represents love, roses almost always come to mind. But did you know that certain types of roses can also make excellent apology flowers? Well, they can!

First off, go with long stem roses, yes they tend to be slightly more expensive than regular stem roses but when it comes to pulling off the perfect apology there is little room to be cheap!

Although all variety of roses represents some form of love and affection in any of their striking colours, not every colour works when it comes to an apology.

Red roses represent passion and true love, and unless that special someone that you managed to hurt is a red rose fanatic, red is not the best colour choice in an apology situation. Yellow roses, however, represent both friendship and apologies, while White roses represent innocence and virtue. Try mixing the two in a bouquet as a beautiful and meaningful way to express your sincere regret for your actions.


The orchid is by far one of the most stunning and exotic variety of flowers out there. Orchids hold a versatility that few other flowers possess, as they can be presented as an apology to not only a spouse of significant other, but to friends and business colleagues as well.

If your apology is directed at a spouse or significant other, there is really no wrong colour to choose. However, if your apology is directed at a friend or business colleague, then you may want to choose plain white or solid darker toned orchids that are displayed in a pot. When it to comes to friends or business colleagues it is best to avoid giving bouquets altogether.

Regardless of what potted plant or bouquet you choose to express your regret for whatever it is that you've done, it is important to make sure that the gesture has come straight from the heart. The flowers you give should show that genuine effort and thought was put into the arrangement you chose. There are heaps of floral arrangements and potted plants available online for purchase and you can opt for flower delivery online in Melbourne and other states that will make the apology that much more special. Nothing says sorry quite like a beautiful floral arrangement.