How To Make Love Thrive When Dating A Celebrity

How To Make Love Thrive When Dating A Celebrity

As soon as we become old enough to understand that there's no such thing as Prince Charming on a white horse, we tend to direct our attention towards the second dreamiest representation of love: dating a celebrity. For some, the idea of dating someone the likes of Justin Timberlake or Harry Styles is just that – an idea. It can't really happen to you, can it? Well, it can. Although they have this aura of fame and perfection around them, celebrities are humans too and dating one isn't impossible. In fact, some even prefer the romantic company of non-famous people because they come across as more real and trustworthy. Don't believe us? Just look at the examples. Celebrities like Matt Damon, Eddie Redmayne, and Mr. Dreamy Smile himself, Patrick Dempsey, all married normal people.

Are all these relationships perfect? Of course not. Love itself is complicated and if you add the fact that one half of the couple is constantly under the spotlight, your feelings may be tested. But worry not, you can make it work and have a fulfilling relationship together.

How to meet rich men in Sydney? Celebrity relationships don't always start as you may think

Every relationship starts with a date and to understand the mechanics of a celebrity relationship first we have to understand how a regular person can go on a date with a famous one. Many people assume that you have to know about the clubs and restaurants that celebrities go to and hope to meet them there. However, many celebs are actually very reserved and prefer going out only with people from their inner circle (which is hard to get in, anyway), or go on dates with friends of friends that they know are trustworthy. Online dating is also possible, but don't rush to update your Tinder account just yet because stars often prefer dedicated celebrity dating platforms, where every profile is validated and users are looking for serious, no-nonsense hook-ups. And who can blame them? Unfortunately, celebrities are bombarded by fans on social media and have many unpleasant experiences with people who tried to take advantage of them, so it's totally understandable that they prefer smaller, more exclusive platforms that not just anyone can join.

Movies have a way of portraying celebrity relationships as happy accidents where you bumped into each other at a café shop or met at a concert. The truth is that for celebrities these interactions can be uncomfortable so they prefer spaces that make them feel safe.

A relationship with a celebrity comes with many lifestyle changes

Celebrities are normal people, like everyone else. They love watching Netflix shows in their pyjamas, going on long walks, and being goofy with their partner. However, outside the intimacy of their own home, celebrities are under a great deal of social pressure and you need to be aware that this pressure could pass on to you. As public people, celebrities are constantly under the spotlight and your own of speaking, dressing, and acting, will be interpreted too. Whether your partner is a famous CEO, politician, influencer, or actor, you'll have to adapt to their lifestyle and get used to spending more time in a social circle that works by its own rules. This includes galas, award ceremonies, meetings with people who have opposing economic and political views, frequent travels, and, in general, socializing as a work obligation. The impact can be pretty big for someone who's not used to this lifestyle, so if you want your relationship to thrive, there has to be a lot of communication, trust, and mutual understanding. It's alright to set boundaries and say no from time to time, but realistically speaking, celebrities tend to have less free time compared to regular people. On the bright side, you will learn to cherish every moment together.

There's more than two of you in the relationship

The average relationship has outside influences from friends and family that like poking around. In celebrity relationships, there are endless influences, especially from the media. And if your partner may have developed immunity to all the paparazzi and journalists who love asking way too personal questions, you'll need some time to thicken your skin.

The thing about celebrities is that their life is out there in the open and people love scrutinizing it. This is especially the case with influencers and YouTubers that have a huge online following. Fans imagine themselves to be close friends, so they won't hesitate to weigh in and what they shouldn't do. Once in a relationship with a famous person, you could hear the media or their fans approving or disapproving of you. It's not fair because their perception is limited but it's a reality you have to embrace. It's one of the reasons why so many celebrities prefer keeping their personal lives private. If your partner suggested keeping the secret for a while, don't feel offended. It's not that they're ashamed or anything. More likely, they're trying to protect your privacy and avoid unwanted attention.

You need to develop trust and emotional stability

And speaking of other people being part of your relationship… the flirting. You are lucky to walk alongside one of the most coveted men in Australia or even in the world and the fact that he's taken won't stop others from trying. As is the case with any relationship, if you love and respect each other, this competition won't stand a chance. However, you really, really have to trust your partner. A bit of jealousy is flattering but if it escalates to the extreme, your relationship will stagger. If you're insecure and need constant reassurance, you'll have to learn to keep these tendencies under control. You have to get used to the idea that your partner is constantly travelling and around people because if what you have is solid, there's really nothing to be worried about.

It's perfectly normal to feel intimidated at the beginning of the relationship. Breath in, try to adapt and, most importantly, communicate with your partner. Once you overcome these challenges, you'll be able to enjoy the fantastic perks of dating a celebrity: more travelling, meeting fascinating people, hearing amazing stories, doing humanitarian work, and, most importantly, spending time with a charming, charismatic individual.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash