High School Crush

A girl whom I attended school with came up to me at a party and told shed had a crush on me since the first day she saw me and so we started to date. Should I find it odd that she took so long to tell me? Why not in high school? She has started to say she loves me already and I find this a little strange. Whats your opinion?

She may simply have been too shy in high school to tell you. Now, two years later, she may have matured enough to come straight out with it. I actually admire her courage as its pretty hard to be that straightforward. Whats your main concern? That shes making it up? That shes leading you on? I really cant see what she has to gain.

As for saying she loves you, I must admit Im very wary of people saying this too soon, but not everyones the same. Some people are more instinctive and others are obviously more cautious and conservative which is fine. You dont actually say what YOU feel. Thats fairly important in this equation, dont you think? Ill say the same thing as I usually do with this type of question - trust your instincts. If it feels right deep inside, it probably is. Anyway, youre very young. You dont have to think about a serious commitment yet. Why not just enjoy dating and tell this girl you arent prepared to say you love her until you really feel it. And if it doesnt happen, be truthful and caring and you cant go wrong.

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