Heritage Healers - Spa Body Beautiful & Skin Regeneration


Indulge yourself in a complete face and body SPA treat, to boost your energy, increase good health and great skin. Heritage Healers Spa Body Beautiful pack, heals the mind, body and skin. Consists of:

TANTRA CLEANSING FOAM: A fresh foaming gel cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the body of excess oils & impurities. Use with a BODY SPONGE, spreading WILDFLOWER ESSENCES all over the body as you shower.
CHAKRA BODY ESSENCE: A soothing, nourishing body milk to restore moisture to the skin. Best used after a bath or shower all over the body to maintain beautiful smooth and soft skin. AROMATHERAPY OIL BLEND: should be added to your bath or vapouriser to enhance your environment and well-being.


Your flower essence remedy helps to naturally clear stress and tension from within. More details www.femail.com.au/heritage_healers.htm.
Heritage Healers Skin Regeneration Pack can be done in the comfort of your own home and contains:

to clean the skin, ESSENTIAL EYE CREAM: A rich cream to strengthen, nourish and firm this delicate area, EUPHORIA CREAM (day): A super active high performance cream with anti-ageing capsules of Vitamin A, C, E and Co-Enzyme Q10. CHAKRA NOURISHING CREAM (night): A luxurious cream to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate, WATTLE HUSK PEEL: A natural exfoliant to clear the complexion and stimulate skin cell renewal, REVITALISER MASK: Hydrating and deep cleansing clay mask to uplift and revitalize the skin.

Heal the mind, body and soul with Heritage Healers Home Care Packs.
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