Hearts Are Fluttering For Uniformed Lovers

Hearts Are Fluttering For Uniformed Lovers

Hearts Are Fluttering For Uniformed Lovers

Are you an independent go-getter? Are you a passionate and understanding person? Are you dependable and good under pressure?

Then you could be perfectly matched with a man in uniform!

Think about it – life with a uniform wearer would never be boring. It'd be filled with adventure, adrenaline, intelligence and, most of all, love. But, love is not -one size fits all' and it takes a certain someone to really understand the demands and even risks these uniform wearers experience every day.

Bespoke online dating site Uniformdating.com has landed in Australia to help you meet a true Aussie hero. They've done some research and found the need for a niche dating option in Australia is huge – most Aussies would like dating sites to be more tailored to their needs.

To top it off, Australia is a nation of uniform lovers, with a massive 82% saying they would love to date someone in uniform. In particular, it seems we like our love to come with a pulse! The medical profession came top of the list to get hearts racing, with doctors and nurses Australia's favourite uniformed heroes. Firefighters, paramedics and air stewards are some of the other top picks, so if a firey lights your fire, Uniformdating.com would be the site for you!

The great thing about men in uniform is that you can almost tell the kind of partner they're going to be by the type of uniform they wear. Why not take our quick quiz to find out which uniform wearer is the right pick for you?

1.    What would your ideal date include?
a.    A flight away to a secret spot
b.    A weekend getaway to somewhere hot and humid
c.    A candle lit dinner with intelligent conversation

2.    What colour would you most go for?
a.    Blue
b.    Red
c.    White

3.    What best describes your personality?
a.    Adventurous
b.    Brave
c.    Loving

Mostly As:
You always have a travel brochure in your bag and ticket booked for your next holiday. You love to see the world and are a true adventurer. If the thought of a life in the skies puts you above cloud nine, your perfect match is a pilot!

Mostly Bs:
You love it hot and humid and dream of a tropical holiday. You're passionate, unpredictable and feisty, and never afraid of changing head-first into a situation, regardless of the risk. These feelings are a fire that won't go out any time soon, your perfect match is a fireman!

Mostly Cs:
You are dependable and good under pressure, with a penchant for white coats. You're prepared for anything and a nurturing soul, with a lot of love to give. The doctor will see you now... your perfect match is a doctor!

To match up with your perfect uniformed lover, check out the Uniformdating.com website or Facebook page. A premium membership is just $14.95 a month, so why not give it a try?