What do guys want in us Gals?

Recently I interviewed some guys who are out there in the "big wide world" looking for 'Miss/Ms Right.'

I was able to come up with some solid knowledge of what the male species are looking for in a gal when it comes to relationship material. There are of course exceptions to the rule.

So here's a small list of what guys want in us gals these days.

They want....

* A girl with a sense of humor as well as someone who can laugh at herself in the face of embarrassment.

* A girl who doesn't get jealous of other women (and trust me men will look, you can't stop this genetic problem, as long as they don't 'look' for too long and they DO NOT touch).

* A girl who is physically into her man. I am told men have 'male intuition' just as we have 'female intuition' and will intuitively know if you're not really into him (apparently).

* A girl who is friendly and gets on well with his friends, but not so well that he may feel threatened by it.

* A girl who is able to support herself. This doesn't mean you need to be a millionaire, it just means you don't have your hand out expecting him to bail you out of your financial troubles as soon as you get together. Most men are attracted to a girl who is independent. It shows strength of character.

* A girl with loads of personality is not too 'girly'. Girly meaning worried about how her make-up is, rather than jump into the water and get wet.

* A girl who is passionate about her career, whether it's waitressing or medicine. Most guys find ambition a turn on.

* A girl who doesn't continually worry about her weight, what's she's eating and complaining that she's overweight. The guys I interviewed said it's not a girl's size that counts, it's whether she could pull off a great personality. Apparently weight issues annoy them very much. So gals' get over it and love yourself for who you are!! The guys will love you too!

* A girl who has her own friends, and doesn't latch on too his social network (you will be introduced to it, but don't make it your only social life) Remember to hang out with your own friends too.

* A girl who enjoys trying new things such as camping, going to the museum, water-skiing etc.

* A girl who respects the time 'he' needs with his friends. As you need with yours.

Now I want to tell all you girls out there that although we should not conform to what a male wants, we should consider the male perspective (especially about the weight). Sometimes men can be right. Sometimes women can be right. Many of the needs outlined are pretty cool really! These guys were all refreshingly level headed.

It seems, most guys want a fun, passionate, well adjusted, independent girl who's not too scared to try new things. And really for most girls, that's what we strive to be anyway (so they can't be that far off the mark, can they?)

So there's hope for us all!

- Louise Ganey