Guy Leech

Guy Leech

Guy Leech launches new health product and urges Australians to get fit, not fat

Australia's face of health and fitness, Guy Leech launches the ultimate food and exercise program guaranteed to help Australians lose weight, feel good and live longer.

The Guy Leech Pocket Food & Exercise Diary is designed to cut through the clutter of confusing messages about weight loss and getting fit. The 12-week kit includes a pocket-sized diary and comes complete with a pedometer, at home exercise wall chart and waist tape measure.

Guy Leech's vision is to see Australians reclaim their reputation as a nation of active, healthy people rather than keeping the status of second fattest nation in the world.

According to Guy Leech, "Alarmingly, five times more children are overweight or obese than a generation ago. For the first time in history our generation will outlive our children's generation - unless something is done now." "I want Australia to be the healthy nation and get fit, not fat," he added.

This new, affordable and accessible program, puts people in control of their health and fitness. Using the simple calorie, fat and carbohydrate counter, individuals can clearly record their daily food intake and the energy they expend from incidental and planned physical activity.

Recording this information daily restores clarity and gives people the power to make the right changes to improve their health and lifestyle.

According to Guy Leech, "If people follow the simple steps in this kit I guarantee they will lose 5-7 kilos in 12 weeks so they will be fitter for Summer."

Radioman Johnathan Coleman has used the 12-week food and exercise diary in conjunction with the fat metabolizing supplement Liperol, from the start of his journey to health with Guy Leech. This has helped him lose over 30 kilos, reduce his high blood pressure and remove the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Guy also recommends the use of Liporol to enhance the speed of weight loss. Liporol is a new, natural breakthrough product that helps you lose weight and lower cholesterol.

Guaranteed to be a stocking filler favourite this Christmas, people don't need to wait till then to enjoy the benefits. Guy Leech's 12 Week Food and Exercise Diary is available in Health Food Stores, Pulse Pharmacies and K-mart nationwide.

The Guy Leech Pocket Food & Exercise Diary
Author: Guy Leech
Price: $28.95