Friendship Sisters How much do we rely on women through life?

Friendship Sisters

How much do we rely on other women through the different stages of our life?

As we grow up, leave home and go from one job to another we realise many things one of which is, Mum was right, she actually did know what she was talking about, most of the time. We were all teenagers once cursing her every decision and her reply always was "when you grow up you'll realise this" or as my mum said "if you ever grow up you'll realise this".

One piece of advice that has been stated for many years from mother to daughter is 'don't forget your sisters,' not only your siblings but all women, girlfriends, daughters and all women relatives. 'You'll need other women, women always do' regardless of if you are married, grown up or single, sisters are always important, and they become more important as you grow. Is Mum actually right with this one? As we have grown we begin to realise how important friendships actually are. Everybody needs a support group of sisters to hold them together at a one point or another in their life. No matter how much you love your partner or how many children you have or how busy you are; we all need sisters.

Traditions have taught us that family is the centre of one's life, but in our developing society it seems that to have a healthy and happy life we need to be surrounded by a tight group of family and friends. Having a female group surrounding you will provide a bond that makes you a stronger person than you would be alone. Within this group you know you will be known and accepted right to your very core, whose trust and loyalty is one you hope to count on.

How important to you are the times you had with girlfriends, debating over the status of the new man in your life, or when the relationship ended? Without friends where would we be? As singles we value our girlfriends for weekends, spent shopping, giggling and gossiping over drinks, pretty much thinking we are the girls from Sex and the City. Celebrating every night and drinking until dawn, even when this changes and we begin to settle down, friendships are still vital, although we may not be providing as much time to them, the love is still there. If there is something you just can't wait to experience and your partner can't think of anything worse, take a friend! Don't drag him through hot coals just so you get to do it.

Your sisters are who you run to when you're fighting with your partner; you can't go to your kids for that! There are always things that you need to talk to friends about that you might not, at that stage, be able to talk to your partner about. Also when talking to another female that you know and trust, it gives you an opportunity to sound out something when you are upset and they'll see things from a female perspective, it helps you settle and hopefully not fight with your partner. If you do fight there is even more reason to run back to your friends for support, as he isn't going to give it to you at that time. It is also good to have time to go out without your partner; the time away can only make the relationship stronger. Who else better to go out with than your girlfriends?

What if for some reason or another you were no longer with your partner. You would need your friends more than ever. Through divorce, death and arguments friends help you solve problems in your own life, you learn from the problems and circumstances of others and gain many skills. Friends are there for numerous laughs but also there for that special shoulder to cry on, when times are tough.

Even if oceans divide your friendship, it will prove to be more valuable and worth the email or occasional call. All woman need to stick together and be there for each other from the moment a girl becomes a woman. Through losing a partner and finding new love. Through cocktails and children. You always need someone similar to you, to provide an outsiders view and say 'no way'. At times we can't see clearly, a trusted friend gives useful feedback. They open our eyes when we can't see what is happening right in front of us, which we are all guilty of.

The story of friendship is one of many up's-and-downs from marriage to remarriage and careers to children and loves to losses. As sisters we need to stand up for each other and more important advice my mother taught me was to remember to still make time for friends in our busy schedules, not just when we need them most. Give all the support you can to your sisters as they will be there for you when you need it most, it's good to know someone will return your support, when you need it most.

It is important to keep your friends close we all need guidance keep your life long sisters at hand forever. The time you've spent with your sisters is all rewarded, especially when they turn to you and say "I know exactly what you mean".

When children have ultimately become the most important thing in your life they too will become an important piece of your friend's lives. As they grow and you value that they have friends, like you do too you'll then understand this advice, and hopefully turn to them and say is 'don't forget your sisters'.


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