Feel - Robbie Williams

Feel - Robbie Williams

by Chris Heath

First came Ebury's massively successful, 2001 illustrated account of Robbie's touring world, Somebody Someday. Now the time has come for the complete, intimate story of Robert P Williams.

Spanning his childhood through Take That to his current status as rock icon, probing his love life and his family relationships, this is closer than you'd ever thought you'd get to Robbie Williams.

Written by Chris Heath, who has spent nearly two years working with Rob on this book, every word is imbued with Rob's humour, charisma, talent, memories and complexity. But more than ever before, this book tells the truth about his extraordinary life. Billy Connolly told his story through his wife, and with Rolling Stone journalist, Chris Heath, Robbie's own story promises to be as brilliantly and insightfully told. You may have seen his face a million times, heard his music every day, followed him from the beginning of Take That, but this is a man with some serious surprises in store. The World According to Robert P Williams - a ground-breaking package; a truly original and brilliantly written book; a grippingly honest story of an extraordinary man.

When Chris Heath's groundbreaking book with Robbie Williams was first published it became an instantaneous bestseller. But its honesty, humour and intelligence took the public and media by surprise. In a world of pampered images and deceptive celebrity 'Feel' has a unique wit and energy and a shockingly honest edge.




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