Fed Up with ADHD by Sue Dengate

Fed Up with ADHD by Sue Dengate

The revolutionary new book by 'food detective' Sue Dengate that will change the lives of children with ADHD and their parents forever.

Sue Dengates bestselling books have helped thousands of desperate parents to identify foods, which lead to learning difficulties in children and adversely affect their health and behaviour.

In her new book, Sue documents her 20-year quest for recognition of the harmful effects of food chemicals, starting with the gripping story of her battle with her own daughter. Frustrated by the failure of food authorities to protect children, Sue turned to research to show how common food additives have been inadequately tested and can cause severe problems in children. And its not just junk food.

Sue found that many food additives and natural food chemicals in some fruit and vegetables can affect some children just as badly as artificial colours in junk food. By following the step-by-step guide to the elimination diet included in this book, parents can help their children to be free of a wide range of health and behavioural problems.

Your kids aren't affected by food.... How do you know? When natural and synthetic food chemicals are eaten every day, the effects are accepted as normal and parents often think, 'that's just our kids'.

Your family eats healthy foods.... Are you certain? Even our daily bread, butter and fruit can affect some children.

Only a few kids with ADHD are affected by food.... Food can affect anyone and particularly in children can cause:

  • forgetfulness, learning difficulties
  • distractedness, restlessness, silly noises
  • short fuse, temper outbursts, defiance
  • anxiety, depression, panic attacks
  • rocking, hand flapping, face blindness
  • difficulty going to sleep, night waking
  • grizzly, whiny and demanding behaviour
  • bad attitude, lack of motivation
  • skin rashes, headaches, stomach aches
  • asthma, frequent colds, flu, ear infections

    A wake up call to all parents to take a closer look at what their children eat and what those food label numbers really mean. Sue Dengate gets to the bottom of it and puts us on the right path. Are you what you eat?

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