Fergus Crane by Paul Stewart & Riddell Stewart

Fergus Crane by Paul Stewart &  Riddell Stewart

'Dear Fergus,
Prepare yourself. Wear two pullovers and a scarf - tonight is the night!'

Fergus Crane is about Florentines, cycling fish, flying horses, tropical islands and adorable penguins. There are mysterious maps, schools on ships and greenhouses on mountain tops. Letters are delivered by tiny flying boxes, and mechanical beds that walk around whileyou sleep on them....

Fergus Crane has an almost ordinary life - having lessons taught by strange teachers on the school ship Betty jeanne and helping his mother in the bakery. One day a mysterious flying box appears at the window of his waterfron home and Fergus is plunged headlong into an exciting adventure. Fergus discovers that his teachers are not quite what they seem - they're actually pirates! Can Fergus save his school mates from the far-off Fire Island? And who else will they find there.

Featuring stunning black and white illustrations thorughout, this is a wonderful, magical new adventure from the authors of THE EDGE CHRONICLES.




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