Emotional Vampires

Emotional Vampires

Emotional Vampires

From bestselling author Albert Bernstein, a new edition of the classic guide to protecting yourself from people who take undue advantage, packed with important new material and updates, based on nearly a decade of feedback and questions from readers.

After almost ten years in print, Emotional Vampires has become the go-to manual for coping effectively with the people in life that confound, confuse, and seem to sap every ounce of one's energy. But based on the daily calls and emails he gets about the book, Bernstein felt there's still more essential information to share with his readers.

In this new edition of the book, he adds a section vampire as spouses and lovers, including specific chapters to help those who are (romantically) up close and personal with each vampire type and what they need to do to keep from getting drained. Bernstein also addresses the issue of vampire children and relatives, as sometimes these folks, particularly vampire children, are the most difficult offenders to spot and deal with.

Bernstein also touches on the very important distinction between personality disorders that constitute vampire behavior and Borderline Personality Disorder and tips for identifying individuals with BPD and effecting coping techniques.

Albert J. Bernstein, Ph. D., is the author of Dinosaur Brains, Neanderthals at Work, and Sacred Bull. A clinical psychologist, speaker, columnist, and business consultant, Dr. Bernstein is well known for teaching people to confront difficult and frightening situations with wit, wisdom, grace, and liberal doses of humor.

Emotional Vampires
McGraw Hill
Author: Albert J. Bernstein, Ph. D.
ISBN: 9780071790956
Price: $20.95