Ella Bache's Peach Woman

Ella Bache's Peach Woman

Ella Baché's "Peach Woman" Heralds healthy skin 20+ Women's skin is ageing faster than the last decade!!

Did you know that the average twenty-something woman's skin ages faster than it used to 10 years ago? Australian women's unbalanced lifestyle is leaving a 25 year old with the skin of a 35 year old!

According to the Ella Baché skin experts; despite the advancement in technology and the knowledge we've acquired over the decade, the Australian women's unforgiving lifestyle is the catalyst to premature ageing.

On the 1st of February Ella Baché will unveil "Ella" - to serve as a reminder to Australian women the importance of maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

A giant model inspired by Jolene Anderson from All Saints - with her healthy, glowing skin and active lifestyle; sculpted out of peaches will be on display at Sydney's Fleet Park, The Rocks. This 12 by 5 metre giant model will herald Ella Baché's mission to make a difference to Australian skin affected by lifestyle factors which leads to ageing and unhealthy skin. Utilising peaches - beautiful, fragile and like our skin need to be handled with care - the "Ella" model is a beacon, transmitting the message that Australian skin is neglected and is in need of some Ella Baché T.L.C!

Talking skin care since 1963, Ella Baché Beauty Experts have seen the changes in the quality of Australian skin and is on a mission to share the secret on skin good enough to eat!

WHO: Ella Baché
WHAT: The Unveiling of "Ella" - 12 x 5 m giant peach woman & peach counting competition
WHERE: 1st Fleet Park, The Rocks
WHEN: Friday 1st February - Sunday 10th February 2008
HOW: Enter on the day to win a year's worth of Ella Baché treatments

Ella Baché is all about celebrating healthy skin and is here to fight whatever is thrown your way! Realising that lifestyle is a difficult thing to combat, Ella Baché, the skincare experts, can help through diagnosing your skin correctly, prescribing the right skincare regime and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to the "Ella" campaign - here to make a difference to your skin and hopefully leave you with skin good enough to eat!

For further information please visit www.ellabaché.com.au

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