No Robe

No Robe

The Olsen Hotel No Robe Campaign

From the 1 May to the 15 June, Art Series Hotel Group is inviting guests to sleepover, strike a pose and become the muse of a life drawn masterpiece.

-De-robing' of inhibitions at the check-in desk, guests will be able to stand proud in all their glory like Michelangelo's David, gracefully recline in the nuddy like an Art Series -Schaller' figure, or robe up a la the Renaissance. The -No Robe package' asks guests to reveal the real them for a team of artists to capture the image in art form, forever.

The human body has been a constant source of inspiration throughout history. From thousands joining in the Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim to NSW Gallery's recent exhibition -Nude', Art Series Hotel Group will join the growing movement to celebrate this age-old subject matter and will be exploring all manners of self-expression.

Will Deague, CEO of Art Series Hotels, said: 'Art Series Hotels are passionate about supporting the arts and delivering unique art inspired experiences for our guests and welcoming them with their creativity. The No Robe campaign certainly goes back to the history of the nude form in art and self-expression.'

Those that can't bare the thought of suddenly becoming a real life model in front of a stranger are reassured, as purpose-built camera units allow poses to be taken in private, before the photo is safely sent to the Art Series' team of artists to recreate.

With the campaign celebrating the group's passion for art, life and self-expression, guests are encouraged to think of creative ways to strike their pose, outside of just letting their robe fall to the floor. Will Deague further comments;
'Lets face it, as long as people have been around, so has nudity. At Art Series we don't buy into the -Nude is Rude' camp of thinking. We want to encourage our guests to dare to be different and bold – to celebrate their individuality and feel liberated in their own skin. Its about stripping away hang-ups and be free – nude or not!"

The -No Robe package' will be available at all of the seven Art Series Hotels located in the hottest art and cultural hubs of Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Guests who prefer not to pose for a life drawing can still get involved by sharing a photo on Instagram, encapsulating -being free' within the hotel. Guests need to simply tag #norobe to be in with the chance of winning a night on Art Series.

The -No Robe package' will be available to book from the 19th April, to find out more visit the Art Series Hotel Group website ( or call 1800 278 468. No Robe packages start from $229 per night.


How the package works
One night accommodation in any suite at each Art Series across Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Bendigo
Guests will be able to select a time to have the unit delivered to their room by Art Series staff
Guests have a set period of time to take a photo utilising the camera with a timer before the unit is removed
Photos are then sent via an encrypted link to artists. Artists will line draw the subjects remotely from their own studio. The photo will be deleted permanently and will not be distributed anywhere else
Guests are sent their drawing in a beautiful package, signed delivery, from Art Series Hotel Group

Participating hotels
The Olsen – South Yarra, Melbourne
The Cullen – Prahran, Melbourne
The Blackman – St. Kilda Road, Melbourne
The Larwill Studio – Parkville, Melbourne
The Schaller Studio – Bendigo, Victoria
The Watson – Walkerville, Adelaide
The Johnson – Spring Hill, Brisbane

Inspired by and dedicated to Australia's most contemporary artists, Art Series Hotel Group offers a hotel experience a little extraordinary and like no other.

Located in the hottest art and cultural hubs of Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide, and Brisbane, the boutique hotels and Art Series Residences offer the rare opportunity for guests to get up close and personal to original pieces of work and get to know the artists who created them. With a bustling catalogue of ways to immerse in the art that adorns the walls, including one on one tours and dedicated art channels, the seven properties are the destination of choice for business or leisure travellers seeking distinctive and out of the ordinary accommodation.

Launched in 2009, the Australian owned and operated group is made up of five gallery led boutique hotels. The Cullen was the first Art Series Hotel to open in Melbourne in 2009, followed by The Olsen, The Blackman in 2010, and The Watson located in the prestigious suburb of Walkerville, Adelaide that opened in August 2014. Last year, the doors swung open to the first East coast property for the group; The Johnson, located in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

In addition to the hotels, and as an innovative evolution of the brand, the Group expanded their offering to Studio concepts - an affordable, compact version of the brand. The Schaller Studio successfully opened its doors in Bendigo in May 2014 followed by The Larwill Studio in Parkville in September 2014.