Ella Bache's Suncare Range

Ella Bache's Suncare Range
Leaders in Australian suncare, Ella Baché's suncare range appears in creatively inspired packaging. After years of local research, the extensive range offers a blend of skincare and suncare to genuinely care and look after skin, especially protecting it against the harsh rays of the Aussie sun.

Ella Baché Suncare range includes:

5 sunscreens: Great 30+ Sportsbloc, Great 30+ Facesaver, Sunguard 30+ Foundation, Sunbase 30+ Foundation, Suncover 30+ Foundation, great 30+ Bodysaver, Great 30+ Dailybloc and Great 30+ Handsaver.

What makes them so "Great"?

Highly effective, each product has been specifically formulated to offer maximum skin benefits. The Ella Bache sunscreens offer broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen as well as moisturisers to ensure skin stays perfectly hydrated and conditioned. From nourishing moisturisers to anti-oxidants, Ella Baché puts the "care" back into sun.

Optimum benefits in Ella Baché sunscreens mean great protection, all the time.

Ella Baché offer broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen protection to shield against UVA and UVB rays. Both harmful to the skin, UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays), combine to create a lethal combination of UV exposure that attacks the skin's underlying dermal layers causing premature ageing and possibly even skin cancer. Ella Baché sunscreens contain a combination of organic absorbers and physical barriers such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to give skin the maximum sun protection it needs to help prevent sun damage. In fact, SPF 30+ is the maximum allowable SPF claim according to the Australian Sunscreen standards. Combined with moisturisers like Lanolin and Shea Butter, Ella Baché sunscreens offer extra nourishing moisture care benefits to keep even the driest skins feeling soft and supple.

Great 30+ Sportsbloc 130mL $38
Suncover 30+ Foundation 30g $45
Great 30+ Sportsbloc 375mL pump $59
Great 30+ Facesaver 50mL $34
Great 30+ Bodysaver 200mL $48
Great 30+ Dailybloc, 200mL $48
Sunguard 30+ Foundation 30g $40
Great 30+ Handsaver 75mL $38
Sunbase 30+ Foundation 30g $40

All products are available from Ella Baché salons and David Jones stores nationally. For stockists call 1 800 789 234 or visit our location finder at www.ellabache.com.au