When it's Over, Do you give the Ring Back?

When it's Over, Do you give the Ring Back?

When it's over Aussies Say "Give Them Their Ring Back"

When a couple separates, it would seem that the majority of Australian's think that the ring should be given backt o the 'giver'. In a recent on-line poll conducted by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA), 58% of participants said that the ring should be returned as it is no longer a symbol of the couple's love.

"We were quite surprised that this was the sentiment out there as no matter the state of the relationship, the ring symbolizes where it all began for many people and generally carries a lot of sentimental meaning", said Roy Cohen, Diamond Expert and Managing Director, DCLA. "One can only assume that when it all goes sour, the monetary value of the ring really comes into play unfortunately."

19% of respondents said that the ring should not be given back as it was a gift in the first instance and is for the person to keep forever.

An additional 19% of people agreed with that, but also seemed to be offended by the prospect saying "No! And it's very bad form to ask for it back!"

Only 4% said that the couple should sell the ring and split the proceeds.

Cohen says, "In the unfortunate circumstance where a couple has decided to call it quits, no matter what they decide to do with the ring, it helps to have all the associated paper work in place."

"This means that the certificate and the valuation on which it's based on should be kept in a safe place. This makes it much easier for both parties, dollar value wise, when it comes to the dreadful moment of working out what belongs to whom."

"It's hard enough to go through this sad time, but having to prove the worth of a ring for legal reasons for instance, just adds to pain. It's best to make it easy for yourself from the beginning, but hope that you never have to go through a split in the first place.