Daters Anonymous, Live!

Daters Anonymous, Live!

Daters Anonymous, Live!

He's every woman's dream.
He's devastatingly attractive.
He's intriguingly rich.
He's sex on legs.
He is also playing a very dangerous game. Who in this game will be the winner?

Three women and one man; he's not just any ordinary serial cheater - he's memorised the Tiger Woods Manual - and these women are yet to know it. Gary Ardell, aka Gary GreenEyes is the epitome of perfection for Alex, Susan and Tina. All three women live in Sydney but have completely different lifestyles, fuelling Gary's success in keeping these relationships under the radar.

Alex, 46, an aging Miss World, is so rich she doesn't work. Susan, 39, is a film producer/workaholic and a pretty Paddington yuppy. Tina, 42, is a cross between Sam from Sex and the City and Scarlet Johansson in a size 22 dress. She runs a clothing business. With the fast-paced rush of everyday life, these women seek Mr. Right online. Once considered taboo, online dating is becoming an easier option. But for these women, the warning remains attached; be careful who's on the net.

But Alex, Susan and Tina are not alone and Gary the perfect fish is caught OUT. Website Daters Anonymous Live collects the success and failure stories of online dating, with Gary's past consuming the spotlight. And then there's Antoinette, the transsexual who becomes the game's unraveller.

After close encounters with each other, the relationships finally hit rock bottom as the true Gary GreenEyes is revealed. Be careful what you wish for; karma, well, payback can be a bitch. A plan is in place and it will certainly teach Gary GreenEyes a SERIAL lesson.

Sydney based Anita Mareeis the author of Daters Anonymous Live! This novel came to life after discovering hundreds of hilarious and true stories about online dating; the pros, cons, happily -ever-after endings and DISASTERS. Anita is a tutor at five separate colleges in Sydney, teaching students how to make the most of internet dating.

She also studied for a Bachelor of Arts at Auckland University, trained as an actor at The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts, London, and is an entertaining speaker and facilitator with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Before writing Daters Anonymous Live!, Anita worked in film and television, was a researcher in archaeology and ancient history and also an anti-aging therapist. In pursuing a career as a writer, Anita has written plays, film scripts, novels, advertising copy and monologues for stand-up comics.

Daters Anonymous, Live!
Author: Anita Maree
Price: $27.95




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