CSR launches a SMART new product

CSR launches a SMART new product
CSR SMART, an Australian first, is an innovative new sweetener that combines the great taste of sugar with a significant reduction in calories.

CSR SMART is a blend of sugar with sweeteners. Only half as much CSR SMART is required for the real taste of sugar, which means a 50% reduction in calories per serving when compared with sugar.

Sugar Australia's CSR SMART taps into the growing consumer interest and demand for healthy eating without compromising on taste.

Where you'd normally use one teaspoon of sugar containing 16 calories, half a teaspoon of CSR SMART provides the same taste with only 8 calories.

CSR SMART is perfect for healthier and "smarter" cooking. Unlike some artificial sweeteners, where taste and cooking suitability can be an issue, CSR SMART is ideal to use in a range of recipes and desserts without compromising on flavour or texture. A range of delicious "SMART" recipes have been developed using CSR SMART, so you can enjoy great tasting, lighter treats over summer and the festive season.

Sugar Australia's General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Russell Abotomey says, "CSR SMART is an innovative reflection of the CSR brand".

"Australians have been enjoying high quality CSR Sugar for almost 150 years. As the 'sugar experts' we've taken the lead in developing a new product that appeals to consumers looking for a more balanced lifestyle", he said.

"CSR SMART is an Australian first for people interested in making more healthy choices."

CSR SMART comes in 500g packs with a RRP of $2.79 and 1kg packs, RRP of $3.99.

CSR SMART is available in supermarkets nationally.

RECIPES using CSR Smart:
Pistachio and Apricot Shortbreads
Passionfruit Semi Freddo
Individual Smart Christmas Cakes
Raspberry Panna Cotta
Traditional Baked Cheesecake


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