Captivating Couples

Captivating Couples

Valentine's Day provokes fear and dread in the hearts of many. Whilst some people ignore the day and see it as too commercial, other people spend hundreds of dollars on heart-shaped gifts and teddy bears to impress their loved ones. In order to take some of the fear out of the dreaded day, it is wise to focus on not WHAT to buy as a gift but WHY.

The history of Valentine's Day is a little unclear and there are conflicting stories as to who Valentine actually was. Some historians suggest that Valentine was a priest serving under Emperor Claudius II during the third century in Rome. It is suggested that Claudius II decided that single men were better soldiers and he therefore decreed that young men were unable to marry lest it affect his potential soldiers. Valentine supposedly felt the injustice of the law and continued to marry young lovers in secret but he was soon discovered and supposedly put to death.

Another legend claims that whilst Valentine was in prison, he fell in love with a young girl. Before he was sentenced to death, he sent the girl a letter which he had penned and signed it "From Your Valentine". This is still the expression used today when giving the traditional Valentine's Day cards.

Even if these stories or legends are not true, what is indisputable is the meaning behind these actions - love.

In the world of five minute marriages and love affairs, we don't stop to think enough about love and the great romances of all time. The names of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall all hark back to a day that we no longer can relate to.

So instead of worrying about which chocolates to buy or which jewellery your loved one prefers, think instead of what you are trying to achieve. Valentine's Day is about making someone feel special and unique, even if it is as simple as a Valentine, penned by the priest himself. Being remembered as someone thoughtful and generous rather than someone who resembles Scrooge and his dislike for gift giving is surely much more beneficial.

Wouldn't you prefer to be thought of in hindsight as the one that got away rather than the one who your partner wished would go away?

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