Best Christmas Gifts for the New Age Guy

Best Christmas Gifts for the New Age Guy

Best Christmas Gifts for the New Age Guy!

Need some Christmas gifts for the new age, spiritual man? Still no idea what to buy? Then our overview of best Xmas gifts for the new age guy might come in handy. Check out some amazing options that can help the new age man available online from Men's Gifts Store this Christmas!

1. The Tabletop Zen Garden
Getting relaxed in a busy world is hard for the new age man, but it could become easier if you acquire one of those funky tabletop Zen gardens. Even though they might be a little more expensive than the average Xmas gift, a Zen garden is undoubtedly something the new age man will enjoy for many years.

2. A Pamper Hamper
A relaxing and sometimes even spiritual experience can be obtained from a good pamper hamper, especially if it contains products such as bath oils and scented candles. If your new age recipient is fond of meditation or relaxation overall, then the pamper hamper should be on top of his Christmas list this year.

3. A Spiritual Book
Most new age men love to read up on spiritual subjects, whether it is the latest new book on mindfulness meditations or more information on auras. Therefore, a good book for the new age man will not be a bad idea either, especially if you get one that touches on the specific spiritual subject he is interested in. Of course, if you are not that familiar with his personal preferences, you can choose two books with variable spiritual subjects to ensure you're covered.

4. Scented Candles
We already touched on scented candles briefly with the pamper hamper suggestion, but scented candles on their own can make great Christmas gifts too. New age men are quite focussed on their senses; this includes what they can smell! So, if you do not have the budget for an entire pamper hamper, then a good scented candle he could use during his meditations or spiritual journey will be much appreciated.

5. The Relaxation Foundation
As a Christmas gift, you could also choose a decoration that adds some tranquillity in the home of the new age man. One such an item is a relaxation fountain, which spreads relaxation thanks to the soothing sounds of water. Relaxation fountains are available in a variety of price ranges, and each one provides similar benefits. So, you don't have to break the bank to get a top-of-the-line fountain for him.
6. Yoga Equipment
Since new age men are big on relaxation and spirituality, it is likely they practice yoga too. So, you could consider some yoga equipment as a Christmas gift; this could be a new yoga mat, a comfortable meditation pillow, or even some quality yoga blocks.

7. Meditation Beads
Our last suggestion for the new age man is a set of meditation beads. These special beads are made from sandalwood and are comparable to the catholic rosary. However, meditation beads are not used for catholic prayers, but to aid the new age man in his meditation practice. You could also add something else to the meditation beads, simply add a CD with soothing music he can listen to during his practice.

There are many Christmas gifts you could get for the new age man, but the main thing to remember is to stick with two general categories: relaxation and spirituality. So, even if you did not get the right inspiration from this overview, simply look for items that match either of these two categories, and you will have found an amazing present for the new age man this holiday season!