Bad Breath is a Dating Turn Off

Bad Breath is a Dating Turn Off

Ever been dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend and didn't know why? Well it might have been your breath – a recent poll of 5000 people confirms that bad breath is the top turn off for daters, closely followed by crooked and discoloured teeth. Considering that almost 30 per cent of Australians suffer from bad breath, it's a common problem. However help is at hand for singles and those worried about their breath.

During National Dob In Bad Breath Week November 10 - 16, Dr. Geoffrey Speiser, bad breath expert and founder of the Australian Breath Clinic, is launching a virtual breath check at to help people determine if they suffer from bad breath.

'Studies have revealed that 70% of Aussies won't tell their friends, family, colleagues or even partners if they have bad breath. They'd rather suffer through the discomfort than bring up what can be an embarrassing subject. However this can put them at a disadvantage, especially in social situations," said Dr Speiser.

'During National Dob in Bad Breath week we're encouraging people to dob themselves in. But for those people too embarrassed to seek help, or for those who want to dob in a friend or colleague, our online virtual breath check is the answer. People can visit our website, access our breath services but still remain anonymous," said Dr. Speiser.

For those people still unsure if they have halitosis, or want to do something about it, The Australian Breath Clinic offers the only test in Australia to harness oral gas diagnostic technology to pinpoint the specific volatile gases which constitute bad breath. Previously bad breath could only be analysed subjectively through smell or through basic tests, which determined an arbitrary smell level. There was no test that could measure all the bad breath gases individually.

Five questions to ask about your breath:
1) Do you practice good oral hygiene yet never really feel fresh?
Bad breath is an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth, tongue, throat and nasal passages. It's an infection of the oral cavity, and odour is the only clinical sign. It's common to find halitosis in people who have immaculate mouths and are in good health.

2) Do you often feel unsure about your breath?
You can't smell your own breath, but you may pick up on negative reactions of people around you. If your radar is telling you that there is a problem, chances are, you're right.

3) Do others give you lots of space?
Bad breath odour is composed of three main gases: hydrogen sulphide which can be likened to the smell of rotten eggs; methyl mercaptan which resembles the smell of faeces; and dimethyl sulphide which can smell like cabbage or gasoline. If others turn away or step back quickly when you open your mouth that's a sure sign you're not smelling like roses.

4) Do you frequently have a dry mouth or feel as if your tongue is coated?
Approximately 80-90% of bad breath cases are the result of protein breakdown by undesirable bacteria that live on the back of the tongue. By-products of this protein breakdown produce foul smelling gases which make the breath unpleasant.

5) Do you take medication for chronic illnesses?
Bad breath occurs when the natural balance of the mouth is changed. This occurs most commonly with chronic illness and the on-going intake of medications for conditions such as high blood pressure, indigestion and allergies.

Located in Sydney and Melbourne, The Australian Breath Clinic is Australia's first clinic to assist bad breath sufferers. Run by dentists, the Clinic allows bad breath suffers to avoid embarrassment and remain anonymous by purchasing their products by phone or website, or they can choose to visit the Clinic for a personal consultation.

To book an assessment, contact 1300-653-335 or log on to to find out more about keeping your breath fresh.