The Art of Flirting

A good flirt can be spotted from a mile away. You know the type, always smiling, laughing, intense eye contact and over-friendly arm touches. Does this describe you? Well congratulations you have officially been labeled a FLIRT!

To admit you're a flirt is nothing to be ashamed of! I am the first one to admit that I am a big flirt - I really can't help myself, it is inherent in my nature.

But flirting doesn't have to hold sexual connotations. On the contrary, many people, view the act of flirting as a "gentle amusement", an act of friendliness and perfectly harmless unless it is bordering on the line of sleaziness or plain rudeness.

But more than that, flirting is not just about being over-friendly, it is about being confident and liking yourself and sharing a bit of that with the rest of the world.

According to the dictionary, flirting means: being playfully romantic; something of little value or importance; speak or act in a playful or flirting way.

We have been a flirting society for many decades as documented in novels, poems, art, and drama. Remember the tactics in years gone by, where a lady walking past a gentleman who has caught her eye might drop a lace handkerchief as she passes him, with hopes that he will pick it up and run after her. Well I am happy to report that women have since progressed with their style of flirting!

Nowadays, an accomplished flirter can walk into a room and strike up a conversation and instant rapport with a stranger at any time and without the reliant need for alcohol or dropping that lace hankie!

The first tip in the flirting game is that it be tastefully executed. This means if you are the one doing the flirting, you should have tact and realize that flirting is done in small quantities with consideration and good sense. You should also be aware of the individual preference of the person you are flirting with. Flirting really isn't meant to hold much value or importance and has no room for rudeness.

QUICK FACT: Did you know that flirting with people can actually be good for your health and boosting your level of happiness? Well I kid you not!

Flirting can add more to your life than you probably realize. Accomplished flirting can ease the way in your friendships, your love life and your career, therefore making life pleasurable. Often the most appealing people are those who radiant confidence and self-respect.

GREAT FLIRTS: Here are some tips for picking out the flirt professional:

  • They have empowering beliefs about themselves.
  • Have the ability to form a rapport with almost anyone, can accommodate others while maintaining a sense of their themselves.
  • Are upbeat and positive.
  • Are in touch with and aware of their own sexual energy.
  • Pick up other people's signals and know when to take flirting to the next level and when to stop.
  • Have fun and have a child-like quality about them.

    If flirting is perceived as just great communication, it can be of benefit anywhere, including in that controversial arena, the workplace. So the next time you contemplate going up and introducing yourself to the person across the room, don't contemplate, just do it! And remember to carry with you a big SMILE!

    - Annemarie Failla
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