Alia Steglinski Shift and Shape Interview

Alia Steglinski Shift and Shape Interview

Alia Steglinski Shift and Shape Interview

According to Alia Steglinski, a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer and experienced health and lifestyle coach, and author of recently launched eBook -Shift and Shape', a positive mindset is the most valuable element for successful weight loss.

Alia knows her stuff. She holds a Bachelor of Food Science, Nutrition and Applied Science from Deakin University and since 2009, has been coaching clients using her own holistic training systems in Melbourne. Alia runs her sessions very differently to every other personal trainer. She has developed a revolutionary method of helping her clients feel better about their bodies and capabilities by incorporating positivity, well balanced meals, a realistic program of exercise and providing ongoing support. Alia's passion is to gently guide her clients to discover movements they never thought they could do and to support them through those hard moments in the gym. Alia's training techniques help her clients to discover their best bodies and live more fulfilling lives.

'My approach is very unique – it's a combination of personal training and nutrition strategies to achieve all around wellness," Ms Steglinski said today.

'Others would focus on losing weight but I teach my clients how to live a healthier life with a positive mindset.

'I like to provide guidance and successful and refreshing training sessions. A lot of people come to the gym to de-stress as well as work on their fitness. My methodology -Shift and Shape' is about helping people to create healthy and sustainable lives. My recently launched eBook assists people to achieve a combination of these two things with the necessary tips, tools and tactics to ensure they succeed.

'My approach to training and overall health is particularly successful because it helps people develop not only physical strength, but mental strength for the grueling demands of the world, outside of the gym.

'I think many people think that losing weight is about being happier with yourself and in a way it is, but some may lose weight and still be unhappy. My aim is help people look better, achieve total physical empowerment and along the way they find themselves feeling happier than they have ever been.

'I work on mind frame, exercise movements partnered with attentive support and this is a real point of difference in the fitness and health market today. You don't need a personal trainer barking at you, you need a partner in your journey.

'It's not easy, it takes a lot of work to turn your health and wellbeing around. Many people come to me thinking they can have it done in a short four week course etc, but that's really not the case. Sometimes it is a full upheaval of the mind and approach, rather than just physical training in the gym.

'I have had a lot of success with my holistic personal training sessions over the years and thought to myself, if there was a book out there with this information it could really help people. So I decided to capture what I do and put it into a series of books to help people. My first eBook has just launched and I am really pleased with the great response so far.

'So many people try to diet by cutting out a certain food group, but my eBook delves into why this does not work. It also includes a range of fantastic recipes to promote complete nutrition for a healthy individual.

'Instead of listing all the things you can't have; I celebrate all the good things we should be eating. This positive mindset can then be transferred to your work and relationships – the ripple effects can be felt across your life."

Alia Steglinski has developed a methodology for complete wellness called Shift and Shape – a system designed to shift fat and shape your life. Alia has created a range of eBooks and her first eBook has just been launched. It includes advice, guidance, information, tools, recipes and other tips. It can be purchased from

Interview with Alia Steglinski

Question: How would you describe a positive mindset?

Alia Steglinski: A positive mindset is when you practice and mold all your thoughts and outlooks to be positive. We are naturally negative because this is a human instinct to be on watch and survive against potential threats. We are commonly on alert and it is easy to criticize, complain and be afraid. To master a positive mindset; one has to practice turning each of our thoughts from critical to opportunistic and from sad to happy. It's amazing what the power of the mind can do, especially a positive one!

'Take care of your thoughts because they become words. Take care of your words because they will become actions. Take care of your actions because they will become habits. Take care of your habits because they will form your character. Take care of your character because it will form your destiny, and your destiny will be your Life."
-His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

Question: Why is a positive mindset the most valuable element for successful weight loss?

Alia Steglinski: A positive mindset is important to successful weight loss because our brains rule whether we lose weight or not. A positive mind has always been the driver to the most successful people in the world and this links to success in weight loss. Practicing and then establishing a positive mindset means a more positive weight loss journey, which means ongoing weight loss and keeping the weigh off for life!

Question: What is holistic personal training?

Alia Steglinski: Holistic personal training is not just personal training which focuses on movement, it's looking at the bigger picture and long term results to weight loss and health. Holistic personal training incorporates essential ingredients to long-term health and happiness. I think holistic personal training means not only exercise, nutrition and a positive mindset but also honesty to our true selves which I call our authentic self.

Question: How can holistic personal training allow us to live healthier and more sustainable lives?

Alia Steglinski: Holistic PTis basically a more nurturing open-minded approach that allows us to grow naturally into a healthier state of being. It allows us to enjoy exercise and nutrition and get addicted to it because it simply feels good and makes complete sense. It helps us grow in many ways and lose weight naturally and more effortlessly in the long run.

Question: Why do some people lose weight and still are unhappy within themselves?

Alia Steglinski: We are not born to lose weight; we are born to gain life. Nobody wakes up every morning honestly wanting in their hearts to burn fat molecules. Deep down we all want more or better for ourselves and focusing on that allows us to achieve happiness and this leads to natural weight loss. I think weight loss is about living a happier and fulfilling life and not restraining ourselves on food and slaving in the gym. I think the people that do this often find they lose weight, but are not happy with themselves and this is neither healthy nor fulfilling.

Question: What's involved in empowering people so they are happier overall?

Alia Steglinski: I empower my clients by truly listening to them; I share their good and bad days, asking how they are feeling and doing movements that compliment them not break them down even more, noticing their awesome movements and postures, finding the greatness in their movements. Positivity is key.

Having a positive holistic PT or Inviting ourselves to be at peace and to be positive and grateful helps us become happy and grow.

Question: Can you share your morning routine?

Alia Steglinski: 1. Think of three things I'm grateful for e.g the roof over my head, beautiful apartment and my health.

2. Have a coffee or nutrient injection juice/ smoothie or even a quick piece of celery stick to feel the nutritional energy and crunch!

3. I play my favorite music first thing until I get to my first client, sometimes I play it full blast in my car at 5am in the morning and this helps to really set the tone of my day.

Question: What inspired Shift and Shape?

Alia Steglinski: The inner want and drive to help people with their health and lives.

Question: What do you hope readers take from Shift and Shape?

Alia Steglinski: That there is always a solution to our health to get to a better place. It's amazing what our bodies can do and how we can lead our own health journey. Weight loss and a beautiful body is a journey not a destination. -Shift and Shape' is there to help people through their journey to achieve a healthier and better body and mindset.

Question: Can you share a recipe from Shift and Shape, with us?

Alia Steglinski: Roast Lamb Loin With Caramelized Vegetables

This recipe serves 4.

2x 400g lamb back straps.
1 fennel bulb, cut into chunky wedges.
1 green capsicum, de-seeded and cut into chunks.
1 red capsicum, de-seeded and cut into chunks.
1 red onion, peeled and cut into wedges.
500g small potatoes, cut in half.
½ a bunch of mint leaves.
2 sprigs rosemary.
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil.
A pinch of salt.
A pinch of black pepper.

1. Drizzle with some good quality balsamic glaze or a simple lemon vinaigrette.
2. Add one of the salad.
3. To make a summer salad, you can add chopped cucumber, tomato, olives, torn fresh basil and extra mint to the roasted vegetables.

Caramelised vegetables:
Pre-heat the oven to 200°C. Place all the vegetables and rosemary sprigs into a large bowl. Drizzle generously with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Toss to thoroughly combine. Then spread out onto a baking tray.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, or until the potatoes are soft and all the vegetables are caramelised.

Roasted lamb loin:
Clean the lamb of any fat and sinew, and season with salt and pepper. Add a good slosh of olive oil to a fry pan. Place over a high heat. When the pan is hot, carefully add the lamb "it should sizzle immediately. Cook for 2 minutes on both sides, or until the meat has caramelised. Take the tray of caramelised vegetables out of oven and place the lamb on top. Put the tray back into the oven for another 6 minutes. Then, take the tray out of oven and let it rest for a minimum of 10 minutes. Serve by arranging the vegetables on 4 plates. Garnish with torn mint leaves. Cut the meat into thin slices and place over the vegetables.

Nutritional facts:
Basil is an ancient herb plant. It was even called the -holy herb', and grown for medicinal purposes. Basil leaves have a strong flavour. Basil is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Potato is a very popular root vegetable and is one of the finest sources of starch, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Potato is a quality carbohydrate that also helps slow digestion and keep sugars at bay. This wonderful carbohydrate is one of the richest sources of vitamins B and vitamin C.

Fennel is a member of the parsley family and is also related to carrots, anise, cumin and dill. It is featured in the Mediterranean cuisine. The sweet anise-like flavour in the fennel is an essential oil that is found to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Resting the meat for 10 minutes allows the muscle fibres to relax and keep the juices where they should be. This stage ensures that the meat doesn't bleed out once cut, and keeps the meat incredibly succulent.

Interview by Brooke Hunter