Small Sizez Big Stylez Yunginz Kidz Shoes

Small Sizez Big Stylez Yunginz Kidz Shoes
Kids between the ages of 1-6 years can now get their shoe style fix thanks to new Australian fashion shoe label, Yunginz, with its range of shoes that are small in Size but Big in Style!

Frustrated at the lack of shoe choice for young kids, mum Jenny Celebrin with business partner and mum, Yolanda La Gorcè, decided to create a range that embodied everything they were looking for in shoes for their kids. On the must-have list was high style, reasonable price, quality fit and support.

The result - an Australian hot and happening shoe label for littlies. Yunginz shoes offer the latest in shoe fashion, utilising high quality materials and designed to support little feet to help them get their best start in life. Not only do they offer the very best for kid's feet and fashion but they are affordable.

Their mini-me, adorable versions of older styles will delight little kids who are always trying to copy older siblings or friends. The quality designs and workmanship, with particular attention to the needs of a child's growing feet, will delight mums seeking the best for their kids but at prices that are not in the league of adult shoes.

Jenny says: "We wanted to give mums the best for their child's feet. We designed each shoe so that it's at the top of the fashion stakes, meets podiatry requirements in terms of support and fit, and utilises quality materials to ensure long wear on even the most rough and ready kids, and priced affordably.

"As a mum, I was constantly frustrated when shoe shopping, I simply couldn't find styles that were trendy and affordable. They were either old-fashioned, cheap-looking or ridiculously priced. We created Yunginz so we could deliver style, fit, comfort and price in every single design we release."

Yunginz gained initial advise from a reputable podiatrist to ensure that all the shoe styles, not only look fashionable, but are also professionally approved in terms of fit and comfort.

Review: Yunginz Kidz Shoes are fun and funky to help kids (and parents) express their individual style. Comfortable and durable for kids on the go. Kids needs support for their feet as they grow, Yunginz Kids Shoes are well crafted to support their feet with comfortable treads.

RRP: styles range between $34.95 - $99.95