Top 10 Tips for Photographing Children

Top 10 Tips for Photographing Children
We all know how hard it is to take good photos of children, so Umina Beach, NSW, photographer Lisa Lent has put together some hints of how to make it work every time.

Top 10 Tips for Photographing Children
By Lisa Lent, Lisa Lent Photography

The saying, "Don't work with children and animals" could easily apply to photography. Children are notorious for not smiling on cue, running out of the shot, or even pulling horrible faces.

There are a few tricks of the trade I will share that will have you capturing fantastic shots worth blowing up!

1. Natural light works best
This a general photography tip, but is especially important when you want to capture images that will document your children's young lives. Try for morning light or late afternoon.

2. Focus on the eyes
Again, this is a general tip, but one that makes all the difference. As they say, "Eyes are the windows to the soul". Focusing on eyes draws attention to the photo immediately.

3. Work at their level
For babies lay on your tummy if they are on their tummy, for older children sit with them on the ground etc. Not only can you get right up close for some fun shots, but your perspective will be spot on too.

4. Make it fun
Kids are always more interested in fun activities. Don't force them to be something they aren't by making them smile, or pose in uncomfortable positions. Let them play and snap away. The shots you get will be so much more animated than any staged photo.

5. Set the scene
Take photos at the park on a swing, at the beach building sandcastles, playing in the water or having a giggle. These photos will look natural, but the outdoor props will add something extra.

6. Look at the lighting
Make sure the child isn't squinting at you, because this will result in a bad photo of a child with a screwed-up face. If they are squinting change position.

7. Dress in bright fun colours
Not only do the bright colours add an extra dimension to the photo, but the added colour makes the photo fun and vibrant.

8. Use props
Chairs, wagons, balloons or lollipops all make great props to help stage a photo. Children are more comfortable when they are doing something, instead of staring blankly at the camera, so using a prop has the advantage of keeping them amused and adding to the depth of the final shot.

9. Think beyond faces
Taking photos of kids doesn't always have to include their faces. Little hands holding a shell or tiny toes in the sand are always cute photographic mementos.

10. Keep it short
Children have very short attention spans and are easily distracted, so try to keep the shoot as short as possible to ensure those beautiful faces are all smiles in your photos.

If you make your photo session fun and follow these tips, you photos will be well worth saving.

About the author
Lisa Lent started her business, Lisa Lent Photography, more than three years ago and has spent the past 10 years working as a professional photographer, with work spanning weddings, family and individual portraits, live music gigs, and the odd landscape thrown in for good measure.

Some of Lisa's more well-known subjects include the Central Coast Mariners, Shannon Noll, Rick Price, Daryl Braithwaite, Marty Worrell, Marty Simpson, Paulini, Bob the Builder, Dorothy's Dance Party, Kate Derouge and Nathan Foley.

Lisa prefers to use natural light and local landscapes to set up her shots, so more of the subject's own personality shines through. She believes subjects who are enjoying themselves make for better photos - and so will you when you send the end results.

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