Yoga for Mother & Baby

Yoga for Mother & Baby
Mum & baby yoga classes provide an opportunity for you to regain strength and flexibility, to bond with your baby in an enjoyable activity and to connect and network with other mums.

The focus of the class is a series of warm-ups and yoga postures designed specifically for a new mum. Special attention is placed on developing correct posture to combat the stress on your body and back caused by poor posture during the feeding, lifting and carrying of your baby. This includes a particular emphasis on strengthening the back, abdomen and pelvic floor, as well as relieving tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders and back. No previous yoga experience is required.

What do the babies do?
Throughout the class, you will have the option of involving your baby in the movements, by holding him or her, or by having your baby close to you on your blanket. The babies are also treated to a short session of gentle baby yoga and massage, allowing them to share in the benefits of the class, including the relief of common discomforts.

What is the class like?
The tone of the class is gentle and slow in order to accommodate the effects of your recent pregnancy, such as reduced joint stability and core strength. The class is suitable for beginners to yoga, as well as those who have practiced yoga before. The class is very informal and lively, and there is absolutely no pressure or expectation for your baby to "behave" in a certain way!

Throughout the class, mums stop to feed or soothe their babies and rejoin the movements when it is possible and comfortable to do so. There is time after each class to connect with the other women, and to share the experiences of raising a little one!

What will Mum & Baby Yoga do for me?
Regularly practicing a postnatal yoga program has many advantages and benefits, and can dramatically aid in:
  • improving posture
  • increasing over-all endurance, strength and well being
  • reducing back tension and discomfort
  • building core strength and stability (including abdominals)
  • reducing anxiety and stress
  • making new friends with other mums and babies

    When can I start and how long can I continue?
    It is a good idea to wait for about 4 - 6 weeks after the delivery of your baby before attending class. If you had a caesarian delivery this time should be extended to about 8-10 weeks, or until you feel ready. There is absolutely no problem with joining the class after the session has begun (space permitting), the movements are simple and it is easy to catch on.

    Once your baby begins to actively crawl and move about (often around 8 months), you and baby can graduate to the rowdier, more spontaneous older baby class.

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