Fisher-Price has the Best High Chair for Small Spaces

Fisher-Price has the Best High Chair for Small Spaces

Fisher-Price has the Best High Chair for Small Spaces!

The Fisher-Price Space Saver ™ High Chair has all the features of a full-size high chair without taking up all the space! It straps easily and securely to most kitchen or dining chairs and has been designed to be used from baby's first mouthful through to when they graduate to 'grown up' chairs. And because this great high chair fits onto a chair baby can now eat with the whole family.

The Space Saver™ High Chair has a full size tray that is easy to wipe and, perhaps more importantly, is dishwasher safe. The tray can be clipped on or removed with one hand (to keep the other one free to hang on to your baby!). It also has easy-to-remove machine-washable straps - heaven!

The Fisher-Price Space Saver™ High Chair has three different height adjustments as well as a three options for seat recline which means that you can put a small baby in it and lay them back for easy feeding - and it's got to be better than feeding baby on a bouncer.

Once your child is able to sit un-assisted and feed themselves, it often means the high chair becomes redundant but with the Fisher-Price Space Saver™ High Chair, the tray and back can come off and it can be used as a booster seat, extending the life of the High Chair to at least two years of age.

Fisher-Price Nursery products provide ways to help make life easier for you and for the baby - so that you and baby can make the most of your time together.

The Fisher-Price Space Saver™ High Chair is available in tan and blue from Kmart, Target and Nursery Specialist Stores. RRP $139.99.

Review: If you have been a parent or about to, you know that new babies (although very small) take up a lot of room with their "essentials". High chairs are not exactly small and while it's sometimes helpful for them to be mobile, most of the time they just get in the way.

The Fisher-Price Space Saver ™ High Chair removes the hassle or rearranging your furniture and allows your new baby & toddler to fit in with the rest of the family, promoting better eating habits. With 3 adjustable heights & 3 reclining positions you have all the comforts of a regular high chair without the inconvenience of finding room in your house or at the kitchen table. This is innovation at it's best!

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