WeeRide Balance Bike

WeeRide Balance Bike
The Weeride Balance Bike makes a great christmas gift for toddlers to pre-schoolers. No training wheels means kids learn to balance before attempting a ‘big bike’. Unlike others on the market, this one has a brake making your little one safer.

It’s never too soon to start riding a bike. The Weeride Balance Bike is the ideal training bicycle for toddlers to pre-schoolers. Without relying on training wheels, the Weeride Balance Bike teaches the little rider balance and co-ordination, making the transition to a ‘big kid’s’ bike much easier. And unlike most other pedal-less training bikes, the Weeride has a brake, making it much safer to learn on.

At first your little one will ride with at least one foot firmly on the ground. As confidence develops they will begin to lift both feet. They will learn to propel themselves forward and get the hang of turning. Before you know it, they will be balancing which is key to riding a bike. This is the best way to teach a child to ride. Training wheels prevent kids from developing a proper sense of balance, so when those training wheels finally come off, the child is often terrified and unable to balance the bike, resulting in many accidents. A pedal-less training bike avoids such stress and injury.

The Weeride Balance Bike has some other great features. It has handlebar brakes so your child can learn correct braking skills from an early age. The large wheels make it easier to ride on uneven surfaces and unlike some competitors, the seat height is adjustable so your child will be able to use it as they grow.

The Weeride Balance Bike comes in three favourite kids colours; white/blue for the boys, pink for the girls and red/black for either.

Research suggests that kids who exercise from an early age grow up to be healthier. Give your child a headstart with the Weeride Balance

WeeRide Balance Bike features:
* Adjustable seat
* Front brake
* Punctureless tyres
* Front splash guard
* Rear splash guard

Review: Kids love the freedom and feel of the WeeRide Balance Bike and parents will appreciate it's ability to help train them to balance.

Available in 3 colours; Red, Blue & Pink/Purple.

RRP: $89.95
Available from www.weeride.com.au