ToasTees wetsuits

ToasTees wetsuits

Toastees - the best thing since sliced bread!

Kids will love wearing ToasTees wetsuits. Similar to rashies, these lightweight wetsuit tops protect kids from the elements both in and out of the water. With their 50+SPF rating your little munchkins will be protected from the sun. They are cleverly designed to keep kids warm when they get out of the water too. And let’s face it, left to their own devices kids will stay in the water long after the blue lips and chattering teeth have set in.

We all know how difficult wet clothing can be to get on and off wriggling kids. ToasTees have been made with a zip at the back making removal when wet a cinch. They’re comfortable too and won’t restrict a child’s mobility.

ToasTees were created by clever parents Simon and Le Anne Leck who realised there was a gap in the market when they went looking for a wetsuit for their one year old. When they couldn’t find anything suitable they decided to create the perfect suit themselves. They used ultra light weight neoprene (0.5mm thick) to give the protection of a ‘normal’ wetsuit but without the bulk.

Perfect for swimming lessons and long days at the beach or pool, ToasTees have been designed specifically with kids in mind. As children have bigger heads than adults, pulling a wet rash vest over their head can be quite uncomfortable. It also means that traditional wetsuits often don’t fit.

ToasTees wetsuits are available in 4 ‘Toppings’ - Blueberry Jam (blue), Coconut Ice (pinky red), Hot Buttered (yellow) and Strawberry Jam (red). They come in sizes 1-6 yrs for $40 and in sizes 8 and 10 for $45. They even have a range for skinny kids!

So go to and make your kids warm as toast this swimming season.