Turn it Around 4 Strings

Turn it Around 4 Strings
4 Strings took the dance world by storm in 2002 with their hit single 'Take Me Away (Into the Night).' Originally big in it's own right as an instrumental track championed by the likes of Paul Van Dyk and Tiësto (once Vanessa Van Hermert's vocal was added) chart success was destined. 'Take Me Away' was all over Australian radio and even featured as the theme song for lifestyle TV program 'Getaway' without a doubt the dance track of 2002/2003!
Constant touring by DJ Jan De Vos (4 Strings main driving force) with up to 2 trips per year to Australian shores, has seen the 4 Strings name cemented into the psyche of Australian dance fans and really developing a loyal following in this country.

As they prepare to tour Australia again including a gig at Sydney's massive 'Transmission' party 4 Strings deliver the epic new album 'Turn It Around.' Packed full of uplifting trance riffs, soaring keys and uplifting vocals 'Turn It Around' is sure to please 4 Strings' loyal fan base.

A02 TURN IT AROUND 4 Strings
A03 COME CLOSER 4 Strings
A04 LOVE IS BLIND 4 Strings feat. Janson Lunar
A05 FREE 4 Strings feat. Sphere
A07 CRASH AND BURN 4 Strings
A08 EUPHORIC EYES 4 Strings feat. Janson Lunar
A10 DOLPHINS CRY 4 Strings
A11 LIVING A LIE 4 Strings
A13 BACK TO BASICS 4 Strings
A14 OBSTACLES 4 Strings
A15 TURN IT AROUND 4 Strings (Club Mix)
A16 OUTRO 4 Strings
Behind the name 4 Strings are Singer, dancer, model, choreographer Vanessa Van Hermert , producer Carlo Resoort & DJ Jan De Vos.

Multi-talented skills are Vanessa's main feature. Already at a young age she knew what her drive was. From elementary school she danced her way into the Highschool of performing & creative arts. After finishing school she spent three years in America, experiencing the American way of Dancing. This period proved to be a valuable lesson as it resulted in performances with the multi platinum act Alice Deejay. But Vanessa wanted more...and got more. Back home from the US, she started taking vocal training, improving her singing skills. It paid off as she was chosen to be the singer for 4 Strings, opening a new chapter in her young career. And there is still more to come!

The 27-year old Carlo Resoort is the producer of 4 Strings. Recording and producing House music for 9 years now, he specialized in the club- and trance scene. Being an inhabitant of Rotterdam (the main capitol of Trance) gave him an unlimited inspiration. 4 years ago he scored his first hit: Carlos - 'Silmarilla', a track which was co-produced by the producers behind the world famous act Rank 1. 'Silmarilla' became a worldwide major club hit and also had a major impact at radio.

Jan met up with Piet Bervoets (Rank 1, R.O.O.S., Carlos), who was a DJ-ing a lot at the time. Jan started out as his driver, but their similar passion for music led to them playing out together regularly. After winning a prestigious DJ competition Jan's profile grew considerably. He played to thousands of people across Holland at many of the top venues, becoming one of the revered new DJs of the trance scene.

He teamed up with producer Carlo Resoort, to form 4 Strings. Their late night collaborations in the studio led to a series of enormous trance anthems, played by DJs from Paul Van Dyk to Judge Jules. 'Into The Night' was named Paul Van Dyk's biggest tune of 2001.

They have known each other since early 1986 & in 1990 they became interested in dance music and from that moment on they started to make there own unique uplifting form of trance. Spending all their spare time in the studio over the next couple of years they expanded their skills and their equipment discovering what they really wanted to achieve sonically. The fruits of this dedication were the massive singles from their debut album: 'Believe,' 'Take Me Away' & 'Diving.'

Now as they prepare to tour Australia again 4 Strings deliver the new album: 'Turn It Around.'

For more info: www.4-strings.nl

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