The Ultimate Gift For Mums: endota spa Video

The Ultimate Gift For Mums: endota spa Video

The Ultimate Gift For Mums: endota spa Video

When was the last time you told your mum you love her? And not just at the end of a text or closing off a phone conversation. When was the last time really you told her much she means to you and what makes her so special?

Even on Mother's Day, we fail - sorry people, but we do - we fail to tell our Mothers how much they mean to us, and just how grateful we are for their tireless sacrifice and support.

In fact, according to a recent study by endota spa, 72% of people wish they told their mums they loved them more often, with many more reflecting that they would like to share their feelings in a more meaningful way.

So what's holding us back - a nation of social media -over sharers' - from telling our Mums how we really feel?

According to the survey, 18% of people feel awkward or uncofortable telling our mums we love them while 12% don't feel they have -that sort' of relationship with their mum. Another 15% of us avoid delivering these heartfelt messages more often because of the emotions they evoke.

endota spa is on a mission to change this, helping Australians to unlock these important emotions and letting Mums hear how appreciated they truly are through a powerful experiment, endota loves Mums.

endota invited six unsuspecting people to take part in a Mother's Day project. Unaware of what it would involve, the participants were given a list of prompts and asked to reflect on what their Mums mean to them.

The prompts included "when I imagine my Mum, I see her...", "now that I'm a parent myself, I want to thank my Mum for...", and "if Mum were no longer around, I would feel..." They were then were asked to take the confronting step of calling their Mums to relay their feelings - a task so simple in theory, but in reality hugely emotional, surprisingly difficult and ultimately massively rewarding. Cue heartfelt thanks. Genuine appreciation. Thrilled Mums. And oh so many tears. endota spa is calling on people to do the same this Mother's Day by penning their own versions of the #endotalovesmums experiment and sharing their gratitude with their mum.

To participate, pick up an 'endota loves Mums' gift card from your local endota spa at 82 locations around the country. Grab one, and tell your Mum how you really feel this Mother's Day.

View the endota loves Mums campaign here:

Join the conversation by using the #endotalovesmums hashtag:

Since the opening of the first endota spa on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula in 2000, endota has grown to become the largest spa network in Australia with spas in 82 locations. Friends and founders Belinda Fraser and Melanie Gleeson, who can still be found at the helm, started endota to offer a calming, down to hearth, all-Australian spa experience. With Australian sourced natural ingredients, a soothing range of treatments, and surroundings which exude relaxation and wellbeing, endota spa have grown organically to become Australia's go-to relaxation destination and most-loved day spa.

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