Endota De-stressing and Relaxation Techniques

Endota De-stressing and Relaxation Techniques

Cinnamon and Honey Lip Balm

Lips love it. It's glossy, it's gorgeous, and it soaks in deeper than just skin deep.

down to earth ingredients
Magical honey: the bee's knees for healing, renowned for curing wounds almost as well as it sweetens toast.
Cinnamon: mmn...warm, uplifting cinnam-mmn.

heavenly results
A lip balm to slip into the cracks, and deliver pert, plump, kiss-chasey-me-quick lips.

Layer for soft, shiny perfectly healthy lips, perfect for lips suffering from intense heat, cold and wind. Certified organic content 97%

Cinnamon and Honey Lip Balm 6gm RRP: $17.00

Lavender and Alpine Pepper Hand Cream

A luxurious, lap-it-up hand cream just wonderful to have and to hold.

down to earth ingredients
Lush lavender has the power to heal and the succulence to soak love into dry spots.
Alpine pepper adds pep to your clap by increasing circulation.
Liquorice naturally helps to lighten, brighten and even skin tone.

heavenly results
Hands will help themselves with this heavenly finger food, plump palms, pert pinkies and a thoroughly-nourished thumbs-up.

Ensure you massage into hands from wrists to finger tips - concentrating on cuticles.
Softens the skin and acts as a barrier against dryness and chapping
Helps to smooth and nourish the skin leaving a silky finish

Usage: use everyday for soft, supple hands.

Lavender and Alpine Pepper Hand Cream 90ml RRP: $34

Clove and Mint Muscle Magic

A calming balm to melt muscle stiffness; aromatic, warming and helps with cold-clearning.

down to earth ingredients
Clove counters bacteria and acts as a natural anesthetic whilst a medley of mints penetrates muscles to ease aches, enliven joints and minimise bruises. Blended with warming cajeput, camphor, camellia tea oils to relax and clam muscle inflammation whilst jojoba is used to enrich skin and medicinal menthol for a heavenly scent.

heavenly results
Limber muscles jump-for-joy whilst Clove and Mint Muscle Magic centered emotions, succulent skin. This balmy blend can even be used as a chest rub to clear sinuses.

Use sparingly and keep away from eyes
Rub in circular motion on sore muscles
Apply to chest to help clear colds
Not suitable to use if you're pregnant, if you have respiratory issues please consult your doctor before using.

Clove and Mint Muscle Magic 30ml RRP: $28.00

Olive and Macadamia Massage and Body Oil

A magical massage oil to quench thirsty skins and set muscle tension free.
Down to earth ingredients: olive leaf oil is a protein and vitamin-rich body warmer, moisturising macadamia oil is easy on even sensitive skins and lightly scented with the following essential oils: soothing patchouli, calming ylang ylang, uplifting bergamot, refining orange, healing lavender and balancing geranium.
Heavenly results: adds heavenly heat to the healing hands of any at-home masseur, soothing for stiff, sore, or stress-riddled muscles and pure succulence on skin.

Endota Essential Oils
endota essential oils set a spectacular mood; send them out into the air and get set to fall under their spell.
Calm: massage in a bottle containing bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang provide a little piece of inner peace.
Dream: the bliss-out oil dedicated to deep, deep sleep; made with ylang-ylang, orange, patchouli and snore.

'A' Grade Certified Organic endota Spa Tea: alive with antioxidants and take home tea-riffic.
Organic Chamomile Tea
The sleep sweetly tea with a mild, fruity flavour and a knack for calming nerves. Heaven-scent to help you settle, petal.

organic lavender tea
Lavender is a medicinal miracle, sip to soothe stress, fatigue, headache and insomnia. Feel healed and fall in lovender.

Endota De-stressing and Relaxation Techniques

Endota certified organic skincare has a range of de-stressing and relaxation products made from down to earth ingredients which create heavenly results.

A lot goes into every 'take me home, I am spa in a jar' endota product:
Feedback from thousands of genius endota spa clients.
The combined wisdom of endota spa therapists across australia.
Down to earth organic ingredients by the spoonful.
In fact, endota skincare is made using certified organic ingredients; for a well-th of reasons.

Well land organic farming uses no pesticides, no GMO's, and no chemicals. In fact, nothing harmful to the earth.
Well people chemicals absorb faster through skin than through our digestive systems. endota's organic ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, not petroleum-based compounds.
Well environment we put only natural ingredients in, so only natural ingredients wash off into our waterways.

So smooth it on, lap it up, wash it off and rest assured. endota skincare is safe for any body, easy on the environment and heavenly on skin.

The Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd (OFC) is a recognised Australian Organic Accreditation certification body.

A private company owned by 4 farming families, the OFC maintains strict criteria for accreditation and was the first organic certification body in the world to incorporate a specific cosmetic and personal care section in its standards. The OFC has been instrumental in working with the Australian personal care industry to develop this country's organic cosmetic standards.

Our OFC accreditation is your assurance that endota spa organic skincare is genuinely, passionately organic.