Lunch Style 2016

Lunch Style 2016

Smash Lunch 2016

Did you know that taking your lunch to work is not only the healthier  option than dining out but it's the easiest way to save money!  In fact, you could save a whopping $4800 a year in many cases.


With this in mind, Smash has released its -Dining at Work' range which provides white and blue collar works sophisticated and innovative options to help pack and transport homemade, healthy lunches the stomach and wallet will thank them for.


Food Storage

Smash has transformed lack luster and cumbersome food storage containers into a solution that has the appearance and feel of beautiful ceramic servingware with café style.  The range consists of microwaveable Plates, Bowls and Snack containers that are sure to life some eyebrows in the lunch room.

Ladies Lunch

Smash has created a range of stylish insulated lunch bags fusing fashion and function into a range that modern ladies will love.  Each bag can easily be incorporated into their daily routine to ensure your lunch is effortlessly fashionable!


Men's Dining

In 2016 Smash are proud to introduce Men into the world of easy home prepared lunches with their range of specially designed lunch bags to fit every mans needs no matter how tough the profession!


Smash Lunch, Dining & Storage are long lasting, high quality, storage options for both work & play.  Great for days at the beach, these cool colours are not only fashionable but will keep your food cool and fresh.


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