Colour Healing

Colour Healing

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The use of colour for healing has been used for many centuries. Many people are aware of an existing energy system within each human body called the chakras - which are made up of the seven central colours.

You begin to understand the impact of these colours when you realise that every human being is like a living rainbow.

Certain colours reflect our moods. Have you ever gone to your wardrobe wondering what to wear on a particular day? Finding it hard to make a choice, you realise that you end up wearing the first choice you made?

Often we are not consciously aware of the colour we have chosen. Intuitively the colour you chose has a healing effect.

Contrary to some school of thought, black is a combination of all colours as is white.
Let your intuition be your guide.

N.B. The meaning of healing in this context is relief of pain, ease of distress and a lifting of the spirit.

Surround yourself with colour in all ways - not just in your clothing...

- Judy Palmer

The following colour chart reveals the meaning and use of colours and can be used to select the appropriate colours for clothing, sachet bags, talismans and candles etc.

Red This colour when sent through the body with the mental symbol can help to
promote energy and vitality to the organs in the body. It also allows them to have the strength to release weakness of the soul and can help people to become more assertive

Orange This colour when sent through the body can help one to become
passionate and filled with desire in either love or life itself. This colour can also help to heal any sexual issues and relationship problems that we are faced with in our society.

Yellow This colour when sent through the body can help a person to feel strong and have a sense of will to achieve in their life. It also helps people to let go of negative issues that are blocking them from moving on in their life.

Green This colour when sent through the body can help to heal any traumas that a person has had or is facing within their life. Green is a positive colour that represents hope and healing on all the levels of consciousness. It can also open one up to unconditional love.

Blue This colour is also a healing colour similar to green. However blue is used to open a person up to the skies to freedom of expression. Working with this colour will help one to become open to their creative and artistic side. Blue is the breath and without the breath we die.

Purple This colour when sent through the body can help a person to activate their psychic abilities. Purple can also help to restore memory loss and help to remove negative images that store in the brain. Purple represents belief and spiritual recognition that we are infinite beings.

Magenta This colour when sent through the body can help a person to become connected to their true purpose and understanding of life. You can communicate with "the god's "so to speak. This is truly a spiritual colour, invoking healing and connection to the creator.

White This colour when sent through the body can help align, ground and heal a person. White show us that we are all made from the one source and that we all share in the same scheme of life's divine plan.

Silver This colour when sent through the body can bring a sense of strength that is guided from other planes of consciousness. What this means is that with this colour you can contact other life forms. You are also able to access information for future and also past lives. This colour is also a key to opening symbols into your brain. It also promotes a solid effect.

Pink This colour when sent through the body can bring a sense of inner peace, harmony and love. Pink can help people to become relaxed and can help with stress related problems.

Brown This colour when sent through the body can bring about a sense of grounded and connection to the earth. This colour helps one to come into contact with the plants, animals and the spirit of the earth.

Black This colour is usually a negative colour that tells of sickness or blockages with a being. However when it is used for healing it can actually help a person to block out negative influences and evil spirits.

Gold This colour when sent through the body brings about a sense of success and achievement. It also is the wishing colour. If you are going for a job or need money to pay a bill then this colour is the one for you. However you must remember to take only what you need.

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