Cindy Eyler, Angel Therapy Practitioner

Cindy Eyler, Angel Therapy Practitioner
She Works with Angels and So Can You!

You may have heard the mention of angels in the past. For many, when thinking of angels, they recall the beautiful figures that have been depicted for many centuries. Some people think they are associated with the teachings in the Bible, while others may think they are just a beautiful picture in your imagination, and then there are others, like Cindy Eyler who work with angels on a daily basis. Yes, Eyler connects with the angels, and receives divine guidance for herself and others.

Cindy Eyler is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, who was certified by the well-known Dr. Doreen Virtue. Doreen Virtue is famous for her many published angel books, as well as for her Angel Therapy Practitioner courses held in the United States, United Kingdom, and Angel Intuitive courses held in Australia. In addition, Cindy is a psychic medium, intuitive reader/healer, energy healer, and non-denominational spiritual teacher. She teaches many courses such as, Psychic, Intuition & Energy Development, Intuitive Healing, Mediumship, Manifesting with Alchemy, and so many more. She also does angel and mediumship readings. Although Cindy is located in Walnut Creek, California, which is located about 30 minutes away from San Francisco, she also holds many classes outside her area. In 2004 she taught classes through out California and in Cancun, Mexico. In 2005 her teachings will take her to destinations in Maui and Kona, Hawaii and Sydney, Australia. Her life purpose is to teach and counsel others by providing information and direction in working with the spiritual realm.

You may wonder how someone goes about communicating with angels. Eyler says, "Everyone possesses the ability to connect with the angels. It is a matter of opening up your senses and trusting the messages that come through." This is exactly what Eyler teaches her students to do. Her passion to is teach as many people as she can how to communicate with the angels for themselves and others. Eyler went on to say, "Working with the angels can make your life much easier to deal with. The angels can see a much larger picture than we can of our lives. The angels will give us guidance to help us to move in the right direction." She went on to say, "One of the problems that can stand in our way is our own free will. We all have free will, so if we do not like the guidance we receive from the angels and move forward in our own ways, many times we will find that we come upon many obstacles. In many cases, we struggle through until we end right back where the angels told us to go and have to do it anyway. These are all lessons we learn as we make choices through life."

Some ask if Eyler has always had these gifts. She explained that her grandmother and mother were able to see and communicate with spirits. During her younger childhood years she spent some time living with her grandmother, which was the beginning of her start of seeing many spirits. These were not angels though, they were earth bound spirits. "It was very scary." Eyler said. "As a child, I could see, hear, and feel these spirits. As I grew up I tried very hard to block out this - sensing spirits." She was always able to easily detect spirits that were in any home, and could tell if they were friendly or not. This continued, as well as some terrifying incidents along the way. Every day she tried to block these things.

Many things happened along the way until she moved from San Francisco to Walnut Creek. Once she settled into her new place, she found herself decorating her room with all kinds of angel pictures. She did not know why she decorated her room like that, because she did not ever really think about angels to even wonder if they were real or not. For years following that she kept receiving angel gifts from people. And wondered why people were always giving her angel gifts. Eyler said, "Obviously, the angels had been trying to get through to me for a long time!" Finally she came across one of Doreen Virtue's books, Healing with the Angels. She could not believe that it was so simple to ask the angels for help with anything! From that day on, she started her journey in working with the angels. "I finally realized there was a good side to communicating with spirits - the angels." said Eyler.

Eyler helps individuals heal wounds, be present with themselves, and counsels them about positive future steps. With the help of the angels, she says she gets to the core of issues at a soul level - a drawing out of information that a person may not even be aware of. As we all go through life many incidents happen. As more things come our way, we begin covering up the older things. It is like a onion, there are many layers upon layers of unresolved issues that we hold in our aura and energy fields. "If issues are left unresolved, they cause blocks that hold people back from living to their fullest potential. With the help of the spiritual realm and in conjunction with techniques used in energy work," she adds, "I can help a person shift out blockages and feel a sense of renewal."

Eyler also works with children, teaching them meditation and how to work with angels to enrich their lives, and says she has a calling to work with terminally ill children. She wishes to teach them that the angels are there to comfort and help, as well as inform them about life after death. "I want to make a difference helping terminally ill children reach a feeling of peace during their remaining days."

Although Eyler worked as a Senior Consultant for many years in, "Corporate America" as she calls it. She has since left that line of work to pursue her life purpose as a lightworker. A lightworker is someone who truly cares about mother earth and those who live here. She wishes to help others increase their awareness to the help that is available to them. She spreads love and light around the world and to those she comes into contact with. Eyler is currently working on her book, "From the Dark to the Light, a Lightworker's Story." To find out more about Cindy Eyler, visit her website at:


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