Are You Protecting Yourself?

Are You Protecting Yourself?
When you are out and mixing and working with other people, do you remember to put an imaginary protective curtain of white light around yourself? What about when you are at a party, a movie or concert, driving the car or visiting a friend? Are you ready for whatever may happen?

You see, if you just blindly go about your business, not giving any thought as to what may happen, you are NOT prepared.

For instance, let's say you are at a friends house and you've gone along with all the expectations of having a great time.

You're sitting there having a pleasant chat and then you say something that your friend disagrees with, she becomes angry with you and gives you a real tirade of abuse and anger. You, of course wonder what you have said to have attracted so much anger, and without thinking start defending yourself. Before you know it you and your friend are in a full on fight.

Had you prepared, by asking your guardian angel to help you work with peace, love, tranquility and patience, with all you meet and encounter through the day, and put a veil of protective white light around you to protect your inner self, then you wouldn't have felt so hurt or offended. Referring to your guardian angel better prepares you for the onslaught. You could also put an imaginary white light around your friend, and just acknowledge to yourself that she or he is upset.

You may feel the need to apologise and that's O.K. But if THEY don't accept the apology, that's THEIR problem. You know that that YOU have done nothing wrong, and that YOU have tried your best by apologising. Try to stay calm and think before responding. If THEY wish to continue to carry on and be angry, that is THEIR decision.

Remember YOU are not responsible for other peoples behaviour or feelings, ONLY YOURS.

They may say "You made me angry", but in reality THEY chose to be angry, because that's the way THEY have always behaved. And to try to get you to believe that it's your fault, and you should see things THEIR way, well that is called intimidation.

So like a good Scout "BE PREPARED and PROTECT YOURSELF".

May you find your guardian angel, try to love all things and peace be with you.

- Mal Palmer

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