Dora Erdossy Endota Spa Interview

Dora Erdossy Endota Spa Interview

Dora Erdossy Endota Spa Interview

With the wide variety of skin, body and beauty products and treatments now available, sometimes making the right choice can be difficult. Whether you want to know what sunscreen is best for sensitive skin, or what the 'it' nail paint colour of the season is, having access to expert, insider advice is invaluable.

Fortunately, good advice doesn't have to be hard to find. With 18 years experience in the skin and body care industry, Dora Erdossy knows more than just a thing or two about beauty. And as the National Training Manager for endota spa, she is more than willing to share her knowledge.

Although having worked as both a hands-on therapist and in retailing for prominent cosmetic houses, Dora's true passion has always been education. It is a passion that has taken her across the globe, working as an educator in Sydney, LA, Vietnam, Fiji and New Zealand.

Her wealth of knowledge of the skin care industry has inspired and motivated therapists throughout the world. Now back in Australia, for endota spa, Dora is eager to share her invaluable tips and advice on everything from exfoliation to eyelashes, tanning to toenails with Australian women and men.

Since launching in 2000, endota spa has become Australia's largest spa network with almost 60 spas now open throughout the country. Providing a wide array of succulent spa treatments to suit a variety of needs, endota spa are renowned for the slice of down to earth heaven they provide every client.

endota spa have a myriad of beauty products available for you to purchase. Developed from the finest native Australian ingredients, endota spa products are free from chemicals and pesticides and contain beneficial anti-ageing properties, which will leave your skin sparkling like a spa treatment from your own home.

To give a little back to the environment, 1% of every endota spa organic skincare purchase goes to Bush Heritage Australia, a not for profit organisation that buys land of highconservation value and cares for it.

Question: How often should we exfoliate our face and body?

Dora Erdossy: Generally we should exfoliate our face 2 to 3 times a week depending on the type of exfoliant we use. For example we could use a granulated exfoliant, such as the endota organic Aloe & Jojoba Face scrub, up to 3 times a week but a hydroxy acid based exfoliant may only be used 1 to 2 times a week as it could become too active. With respect to a body exfoliant, we can use it 2 to 3 times a week. Exfoliation will help to improve the texture of the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth and will allow active ingredients from products to absorb better and provide their benefits more effectively.

Question: Is it important to have regular facials?

Dora Erdossy: Yes it is important to have regular facials as a facial will help to enhance the results that are being achieved with good skin care at home. It will also allow your therapist to analyse your skin and re-assess your concerns to ensure that the right skin care is being used.

Question: How many times a day, should we wash our faces?

Dora Erdossy: We should be performing a double cleanse (cleansing twice) both morning and night. This will ensure a clean skin that will reap the benefits of other products that are being used both in the morning and at night.

Question: How important is it to choose a sunscreen that is suitable for our skin?

Dora Erdossy: If you have oily skin you will want to choose a sunscreen that is oil free to prevent breakouts so yes choosing the right sunscreen is important. Your skin care therapist can advise you on what is best for your skin.

Question: Coming into summer what is the 'it' colour to paint our nails and toenails?

Dora Erdossy: Bright colours are perfect to celebrate summer, a lot of our clients are requesting shades such as Mornington, a bright coral and Chadstone a stunning red with a hint of orange.

Question: Another big thing for summer is 'tanning' how can we get that sunkissed look without heading into the sun?

Dora Erdossy: We can achieve the sunkissed look by heading to a spa or salon and booking ourselves in for a spray tan. Alternatively we can use body moisturisers that have bronzers in them that will automatically give you a color when you apply it but will continue to deepen in color the longer it is on.

Question: Can you share your fake tanning tips, with us?

Dora Erdossy: My tanning tips are exfoliating my body thoroughly the day of the tan if l haven't been able to have an exfoliation treatment the day before in a spa or a salon. By removing dead skin cells and paying particular attention to my knees, elbows and ankles it will prevent the tan from 'grabbing' onto my skin. This gives a darker and uneven look to the tan. If these areas are especially dry apply a thin amount of moisturiser (not too much) and it will prevent this look. Applying body moisturiser on a daily basis will help my tan stay on longer not to mention leave my skin looking hydrated and feeling soft.

Question: Often our skin becomes oilier in summer, how can we prevent and manage this?

Dora Erdossy: If your skin is particularly prone to becoming oilier during summer especially if you already have an oily or combination skin type, be sure to use moisturisers that are low in oil. They may also include ingredients that will help to absorb excess surface oils preventing the oily look during the day.

Question: What makeup tips do you have for the summer months?

Dora Erdossy: If you are prone to oily skin using a matte foundation will prevent an oily shine. I love mineral based makeup as it lasts on my skin all day. Waterproof mascara is also a great idea for the summer months. If you don't want to worry about mascara having your eyelashes and perhaps even your eyebrows professionally tinted is a great option.

Question: Is it bad, for our hair, to shampoo and condition daily?

Dora Erdossy: No it's not bad for your hair but it does depend on what you are using. Be sure to use hair products that are professionally recommended as this will ensure that you are using products that are pH balanced to the hair and will not dry the hair out.