Wellness & Wellbeing - Relax & Romance CD

Wellness & Wellbeing - Relax & Romance CD
Wellness & Wellbeing puts you in the mood for love

Looking to rekindle a romantic flame? Well put the kids to bed, take the phone off the hook and let the soothing sounds and uplifting aromas of Wellness & Wellbeing 'Romance' put you in the mood for love.

Wellness & Wellbeing is Australia's product bringing together the recognised practices of music therapy and aromatherapy in a set. The collection consists of pure essential oil blends and custom made CDs, conveniently packaged in affordable sets.

The series was developed for people with hectic lives looking to grab a little 'me time' and is sold in supermarkets, which means even the most time-poor people can pick up a set while doing the weekly shopping.

The music featured in Wellness & Wellbeing incorporates the principles of music therapy, known to lift the spirit and promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Similarly, aromatherapy oils are recognised to activate the limbic system and trigger certain emotions.

There are currently two sets in the Wellness & Wellbeing range:

1. 'Romance' - which creates a sensual atmosphere and heightens intimacy.

2. 'Relax' - which aids stress relief and promotes relaxation.

'Romance' is ideal for busy couples looking to take some time out and concentrate on each other for a change.

The sensual combination of ambient jazz and gentle, rhythmic chanting entwined with the heady aroma of ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, rose and grapefruit creates a perfect atmosphere for rediscovering each other, whether on a romantic weekend in a county retreat or on a Wednesday night at home after a hard day's work.

'Relax' has been designed to help stressed out people forget the hassles of modern life. A calming blend of aniseed, orange, lavender, lime and patchouli essential oils work in harmony with the CD's soft drum beats and fluid melodies to encourage deep healthy breathing and promote feelings of calmness and clarity.

The Wellness & Wellbeing sets include a 40 minute CD and 10ml pure essential oil blend which can be used in the bath, in an oil burner or combined with unscented massage oil. Both sets are currently available for just $19.95 each (inc GST).

Wellness & Wellbeing is 100 per cent Australian made and is distributed by Innovative House and is available from most Safeway and Woolworths stores. New products will be added to the range soon. To find out more visit www.wellnessandwellbeing.com or call 03 9686 7997.