Teletubbies - Again Again

Teletubbies - Again Again
Bright and colourful, playful and affectionate, the Teletubbies trusted format means that the youngest child can watch with understanding and laughter. Available on Video & DVD combining original Teletubbies and Teletubbies Everywhere material for fun and learning time after time. Teletubbies Everywhere is a comedy of first concepts - numbers, colours and shapes.

In Teletubbyland trumpets appear and the Teletubbies danceĀ…..then Dipsy does his special dance again and again! The tubby custard machine isn't working so the Teletubbies sing a special song to make it work. Laa-Laa wants to play indoors, but Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po want to play outdoors - uh-oh!

The DVD contains a range of Special Features including bonus footage, games and puzzles.

Babies & Toddlers love Teletubbies. Watch them become mesmerized by the uh oh teletubbies.

Teletubbies Again Again is available from ABC shops, ABC Centres and online at

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