Gourmet Dinner Service Kids launches gourmet meals for babies and toddlers

Gourmet Dinner Service Kids, the subsidiary of home-delivery dinner service, Gourmet Dinner Service, has launched gourmet ready made meals for babies and toddlers.

The range of wholesome baby and toddler meals are specifically made for fussy mums and mums returning to the workforce who are particular about what their children eat and are seeking a nutritious alternative.

Every meal is hand-made in GDS Kids' kitchens in Brookvale, Sydney and created to resemble mum's cooking. Every meal is made with quality ingredients, lean cuts of meat, organic chicken and fresh vegetables picked from the market the same day. Meals are snap-frozen, stored on premises, ordered online and delivered safely to your door.

The creator, Janel Horton, head chef and managing director of Gourmet Dinner Service, believes that children, like adults, should be exposed to a wide variety of foods presented in different ways which taste and look like food should.

"Babies and toddlers are at the age they are learning to eat and recognise flavours. Our range helps them understand what a piece of broccoli tastes and feels like.

"For this reason, we have specifically based our menu on three key principles: taste, texture and transition. The taste teaches babies what the flavour of whole food is supposed to be, the texture helps babies learn to chew, swallow and develop speech and transition accustoms kids' palates ready for the change to everyday family meals when they become toddlers.

"Unfortunately some commercial ready made food doesn't account for these principles, so we have come up with the alternative for mums who are particular about what their children eat."

The energy in each GDS Kids' meal is greater than most supermarket shelf brands and every single ingredient - 100 percent - is included on the label unlike other brands. GDS Kids' meals contain no preservatives, flavourings, emulsifiers, vegetable gums, colouring or fake food fillers to bulk up the meal. Every meal is made with natural fresh ingredients.

The baby food range is suitable for nine to 18 months and the toddler range for one to three years. There are 6 meals in the baby range and 6 in the toddler range. New recipes will be added regularly and to fit the season of the year.

For the allergic baby there are wheat and gluten free options.

Each meal is quick to defrost and only needs four to five minutes to heat and serve.

The baby range includes:
Ali Baa Baa and the 40 Lentils made with lamb, lentils, sweet potato and pumpkin.
Bambini Bolognese made with beef mince, risoni, carrot and zucchini.
Chook in Quicksand, organic chicken risotto made with pumpkin and peas.
Fish in Cheesy Net made with tuna, broccoli, cauliflower, pasta in cheese sauce.
Nana's Vegie Patch, spring vegetable risotto with 5 vegetables + parmesan cheese.
Orange Sandcastles made with couscous, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin and tomato.

The toddler meals are larger than the baby range and not pureed. Some meals can be served in two sittings.

The toddler range includes:
Beef Monster with Potato Head made with chunky mince, green pea and potato mash with a cheese topping.
Bird in Creamy Maze, a creamy organic chicken pasta with pumpkin and cauliflower.
Chook on Wiggly Worms, organic honey soy chicken on a bed of noodles with zucchini and corn.
Exploding Moonballs, bite size beef meatballs with zucchini and carrot baked in tomato sauce.
Piggy in the Middle made with bacon, corn and pumpkin frittata.
Silly Snails, healthy beef sausage rolls with carrot and zucchini.
The Chook on Wiggly Worms, Exploding Moonballs, Piggy in the Middle and Silly Snails are all finger food style so your toddler can explore the meal with his or her fingers.

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Inspired by her 3-year-old nephew who struggles to sit still to eat, Janel Horton has written a book on how to make feeding time fun for kids and easy for the parent. The book will be launched in March/April 2006.

About GDS Kids
GDS Kids was created by Janel Horton, the originator of the adult gourmet dinner range, Gourmet Dinner Service (GDS), which started in 1994. Gourmet Dinner Service was created to provide the kind of dinner you would cook for yourself at home, if only you had the time.

Gourmet Dinner Service and Gourmet Dinner Service Kids are committed to providing you with seriously good healthy meals, cooked, stored and transported safely to your door.