Success in the City 06

Success in the City 06
Are your relationships being traded off in pursuit of your financial objectives?

Do you wonder why the rate of disease increases in the face of so much research?

Does fear and guilt sometimes keep you from your greater purpose or dreams?

How do you define SUCCESS and how will you know when you have it?

4 Great minds 1 Great Day

  • SPEAKERS - 4 world class speakers will come together for what will be a success-filled event this July.

  • YOU - Designed for high achievers seeking new ideas and ways to create more of what they want in life.

  • WHO ATTENDS - Last years event attracted a wide range of talented and successful people including celebrities such as Siimon Reynolds, Bessie Bardot, Bianca Dye, Tracy Bartram, Andi Lew, Patsy Rowe and many others.

  • CHARITY - This year Global 1 Training will be raising both money and awareness for The Hunger Project Australia.

    Speakers include

    Justin Herald- Justin Herald is famous for turning $50 into $15 million with his clothing label Attitude Inc. Justin will be presenting practical and down to earth tips on how to develop and manage success.

    Dr John Demartini- Dr Demartini went from being an illiterate teenager to a world authority on health and human potential. Demartini has advised business executives, celebrities, politicians and health professionals around the globe and will be speaking on the philosophy of success and the importance of living authentically.

    Don Tolman- In an effort to demonstrate the power of the human body, in 1995 after 40 days on water alone, Don Tolman drank a litre of grape juice and ran a 26 mile marathon (42km). This attempt was documented, supervised, and filmed by the Hollywood film company Motion Media and the L.A. Film Factory. As an international leader in the area of health and whole food medicine Don will be presenting insightful ways of increasing mental performance through good nutrition and shedding light on a new way of looking at Health and Well-th.

    Bob Scheinfeld- At the age of 12 Bob Scheinfeld recognized he had one distinct advantage in business; Bobs grandfather was Aaron Scheinfeld, the founder of Fortune 500 Company Manpower Inc. Wasting no time at all, Bob took every chance he had to learn the secrets behind his grandfathers gigantic 11 billion dollar success. It was these secrets that enabled Bob himself to turned one company from a turnover of $1.27million to $44.3 million in just 4 years. It is also these secrets that Bob will be presenting at this years Success in the City.

    The Hunger Project Australia is committed to the sustainable end of world hunger by empowering grassroots people to make lasting, self-reliant progress in nutrition, health, education and family income.

    Event Dates

    July 1 - Sydney (City Recital Hall, Angel Place)
    July 2 - Brisbane (Brisbane Convention Centre)
    July 8 - Melbourne (Melbourne Convention Centre)
    July 9 - Adelaide (Adelaide Convention Centre)

    Event Times

    9:00am - 5:30pm - Registration from 8:00am

    Ticket Price


    Special Offer

    If you purchase a ticket to Success in the City in the month of June you will also receive the virtual Success Mentoring Pack valued at $995.00. This includes downloadable items such as- a copy of Dr Demartinis bestselling audio program- How to make one Hell of a Profit and still get to Heaven, a Speed Reading course and the How to carve out your ultimate lifestyle e-book written by Bob Scheinfeld.

    For sales and ticket inquiries call 1300 883 842 or visit

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