4 Tips To Safeguarding Tiny Minds From Radiation

4 Tips To Safeguarding Tiny Minds From Radiation

Today's children are the first generation to use interactive technology as early and as often as they do. And with applications like Zoo Alphabet and PokemonGo making their way to our screens, limiting a child's exposure to potentially harmful mobile phone radiation has only become more imperative. The reality is small children have thinner skulls and more fluid in their brain than adults, meaning they can absorb up to twice as much mobile phone radiation than adults.

While research is yet to conclude what the long-term effects of exposure to radiation will be, the real question is what are you willing to risk? As a parent, all we want out of life is to safeguard the little pitter-patter of feet and the tiny minds under our roof.  There's no need to put yourself on an anti-mobile-phone plan just yet, but there are some simple ways you can safeguard your child's developing mind from mobile phone radiation.

Turning on Airplane Mode

Most of your children's favourite apps don't require access to the internet. By activating airplane mode, you turn off the cellular and wireless signals in your smartphone.  You will not only limit your child's exposure to radiation, you will also save battery life.

Turn off Your Wireless Router

Did you know that your Wi-Fi router also emits radiation?  We recommend turning off your wireless router overnight, or when it is not in use.  This will limit your family's exposure to radiation.

Apply a Lif3 Smartchip

We don't know how radiation exposure will affect our children over the next 10, 30, or even 50 years.  Rather than worrying about the unknown, you can limit your child's exposure to potentially harmful mobile phone radiation, by applying a Lif3 Smartchip to your smartphone. The Lif3 Smartchip has been scientifically proven to minimise mobile phone radiation by up to 95%, and you can find out more or order your Smartchip here.

Setting Active -Phone-Free' Boundaries

As a parent your child looks up to you as their number one role mobile and it's important they see you can have time away from your phone too. From gradual transitions to replacement activities, you can wean your kids and yourself off mobile devices by filling their time with another activity like exercise, social clubs and setting household rules. This is a good idea if your child is becoming too attached to his or her phone. Get creative and imaginative. By simply reducing the time exposed to a smartphone, you will be minimising the exposure to mobile phone radiation.

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