Robot Cowboy by DJ

When setting up a nursery or child's room, or buying a present for newborns & young children it's often hard to think of something that will last and be treasured. We found something unique & gorgeous that will inspire and captivate both young and old..... Robot Cowboy.

Robot Cowboy's artist Diana Kerr, creates collages that are all lovingly handmade from exquisite Japanese washi paper, making them a timeless treasure for any child.

"The idea for starting Robot Cowboy came from my friends and family having babies. I always enjoy buying artwork for kids as it gives joy and love for years, and becomes part of their space as they grow up. " says Diana

"The problem I find, is that art for children is always either cheap and mass produced, or hand made, but well out of my budget. I decided to design and create fun, affordable and ‘green' artwork and design products for baby and kids rooms. The designs are in collage form, using Japanese Yuzen Washi paper. Eventually the designs will be available on other bedroom items, so that it will be possible to furnish a room or nursery with original fun and complimentary designs." she continues.

Diana Kerr has a fine arts background and wanted to concentrate on creating art pieces that were both great quality, original and gorgeous. When she discovered Yuzen Washi paper everything fell into place. The paper was first imported from China to Japan in 610AD, since then they have perfected the paper with kimono designs over the last 1300 years."

"The paper is made out of three types of indigenous bark products that represent male, female and noble elements. This process makes paper that is durable, tough, yet processes a warm soft texture. The paper is also ‘green' as the bark is harvested in the spring and grows back to be harvested the following year."

Diana Kerr's 'Robot Cowboy designs will be updated every spring, so that 13 new designs will be available every harvest.

Diana says "I am a bit of a romantic and I adore the idea of using such an incredible product to make art for kids, its sophisticated, has history and ideals. I just love the paper and have a ball creating the designs. "

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