Babies Only Organic Skin Care Baby Balm & Tummy Tonic

Babies Only Organic Skin Care Baby Balm & Tummy Tonic
Babies Only is an organic range of skincare products that has been developed in conjunction with a Pediatric Herbalist and an Aromatherapist.

Featuring the highest grade of essential soothing oils and organic ingredients, the Babies Only range has been specifically designed to not only pamper, but to ensure only the purest and natural products are in contact with baby's skin.

Products in the range include:
  • Sleepy Head Massage Oil and Aromatherapy Blend - designed to help babies sleep soundly
  • Tummy Tonic - a couple of drops in baby's bottle with warm water to help with colic
  • Organic non-Talc Babies Powder - unscented, light and made from natural white clay
  • Smooth as a Baby's Balm - a delicate herbal nappy rash cream

    The range also includes a treat for mum with 'Mum's Belly Oil' designed to aid in the prevention of stretch marks.

    Featuring ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter and a range of essential oils including Tea Tree, Apricot kernel, Marjoram, Avocado and Lavender, each Babies Only product is made from therapeutic herbs and the highest grade available of soothing oils.

    Each of the products is packages in amber glass or PET, to conserve the integrity of the essential oils and where necessary to protect the product, only natural plant based food grade preservatives have been used.

    The team behind the Babies Only has over 30 years experience in the beauty, and aromatherapy industries and developed the products in the range in response to be the most common skin complaints or irritations suffered by babies.

    Babies Only Smooth as a Babies Balm

    Herbal nappy rash balm blending essential oils, soothing and moisturizing for dry, irritated skin. For nappy rash and chaffing. Use after nappy change and after bathing.

    Babies Only Tummy Tonic

    Calms upset tummies and provides relief from colic.

    The launch product range for Babies Only will be available through selected David Jones stores nationally.

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