Pumpkin Patch Premmie Range

Pumpkin Patch Premmie Range

Pumpkin Patch Premmie Range

Pumpkin Patch recognises that the little aussie battler attitude is synonymous with this country. This mantra rings especially true for the hundreds of premature babies born every year, and so the Pumpkin Patch premmie range was also born.

Using 100% cotton in selected styles for tiny prem and premature babies, Pumpkin Patch is ensuring that finding quality and correctly sized clothes for prems to the world isn't one of a new premmie mum's concerns.

"In Australia, approximately 8% of babies are born prematurely, which is around 57 early babies every day," explains Alison Billingham, baby designer of Pumpkin Patch Australasia. "And when you have such a tiny baby to take care of, the least of your worries should be trying to find clothing the right size! Sadly that has been the case in the past for many parents of premature babies, and so in responding to this need, Pumpkin Patch introduced our tiny prem and prem range. We're hoping to give new mums one less thing to worry about!"

The Pumpkin Patch prem range of mix and match baby separates, adorable sleepwear and all-in-ones gives premature babies and mums the style and quality that Pumpkin Patch is renowned for, just in a smaller package.

"Pumpkin Patch is committed to supporting parents of premature babies, and we have aligned with the likes of Little Aussie Prems to communicate with parents that we're here to respond to their needs," Alison Billingham, baby designer says. "Our prem range covers all the basics of baby separates in current styles, fun colours and quality fabrics so early babies can look and feel great."

The tiny prem and prem range is available through all Pumpkin Patch stores nationally.