Avado Baby Bath Wash, Moisturiser

Avado Baby Bath Wash, Moisturiser
After four years of Research & Development I'm proud to introduce you to Avado Organics. The range has been developed for babies with sensitive skin in particular, and mothers wanting an alternative to other brands containing harsh chemicals.

The idea came about when I had my second child, Lucy. She had extremely sensitive skin and was prone to eczema breakouts. All the products I tried at the time would dry out her skin even more, so I decided to add some avocado oil to her bath, it worked wonders. At the time, the Avocado Oil was being bottled and sold at my mother's property on Mt Tambourine.

From there the idea came to create a unique range of baby products using the Avocado Oil.

It took a couple of years of testing, developing and refining. My children became my test lab, with Lucy becoming my ultimate test, and not always enjoying the experience! Now Lucy and my other two children love using the products.

The Avado Baby Range is great for the whole family. We are committed to continually researching and developing ways to bring you nature's purest products.
Avado Baby Bath Wash
The soap free wash is pure and gentle enough for baby's body and hair. Nourishing Organic Avocado Oil and a gentle blend of Evening Primrose, Organic Rosehip and German Chamomile Oils ensure your baby's skin is beautifully clean and soft.

Avado Baby Moisturiser
No matter how careful you are, your baby's skin will be exposed to harsh environmental aggressors that can dry and stress delicate skin. Our baby moisturiser is especially mild, it includes Organic Avocado Oil and a calming blend of Organic Safflower, Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oils for their natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Feel safe knowing your baby's skin is nourished and protected - naturally.

Avado Baby Shampoo
Our Sulphate free shampoo will leave baby's hair soft and shiny with a delicate scent of Ylang Ylang and Mandarin. A gentle blend of Organic Macadamia, Jojoba and German Chamomile Oils, as well as Organic Avocado Oil will keep baby's scalp soft and supple without irritation or dryness.

Avado Baby Nappy Lotion
Avado Nappy Lotion soothes, moisturises, and protects the delicate skin on your baby's bottom. A simple but effective blend of Sweet Almond, Wheatgermand Organic Avocado Oils help to heal and protect against chafing and redness - to keep your baby's bottom as soft and smooth as nature intended it to be.

Review: Gentle on baby and toddler skin, non irritable on my rash & eczema prone son.

Available through www.avadoorganics.com