Nivea Aqua Sensation Wake up the Aqua Way with Anti-Shadow Eye Cream

Nivea Aqua Sensation Wake up the Aqua Way with Anti-Shadow Eye Cream

Do you often struggle to wake up in the morning? If so, wouldn't it be great to find that special secret to starting everyday feeling fresh and invigorated, even after a big night out? Look no further, NIVEA VISAGE has the secret... NIVEA girls wake up the Aqua way!

NIVEA VISAGE AQUA SENSATION's Moisturising Gel Cream and Anti Shadow Eye Cream, both come in a light gel-creme formula which instantly invigorates your skin, eliminates signs of tiredness and leaves you looking refreshed, radiant and hydrated for 24 hours.

When using NIVEA VISAGE AQUA SENSATION as part of your daily beauty routine you will feel an instant wave of cooling freshness sweep over your face, waking you up and getting you ready to power through the day or that big night ahead.

The secret lies in the combination of cucumber, magnesium and ginseng that combine to eliminate signs of tiredness, so you look full of vitality all day long.
The moisturising ingredients provide your skin with intensive 24-hour hydration, making skin look and feel supple.

NIVEA VISAGE AQUA SENSATION's UVA/UVB and Vitamin E formula protects your skin against external damage working to make you look and feel great. What's more, the Anti-Shadow Eye Cream will reduce puffiness and dark circles so you have glowing, healthy looking skin.

NIVEA VISAGE AQUA SENSATION is the product the every girl has been waiting for - the best way to get out of bed feeling refreshed and invigorated, even after the night before!

  • NIVEA VISAGE Aqua Sensation Moisturising Gel Cream RRP $13.80
  • NIVEA VISAGE Aqua Sensation Anti Shadow Eye Cream RRP $13.80

    NIVEA VISAGE AQUA SENSATION is available nationally from supermarkets, mass merchants and selected pharmacies. For Stockist phone: 1800 444 002

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