Merino Kids Cocooi Newborn Gown

Merino Kids Cocooi Newborn Gown

Babies sleep easy in the new 100% natural Cocooi Newborn Gown

As any new parent knows, the phrase "sleep like a baby" isn’t exactly accurate. In the first few months, babies can wake every few hours, crying from the discomfort of overheating, kicking or scratching themselves and giving you endless hours of worry.

The stress of interrupted nights can be soothed with the new unisex Cocooi Newborn Gown - a unique, stylish and functional safety sleep garment for newborns from Merino Kids.

Made from 100% superfine merino, the gown ensures your baby gets a good night’s rest or a quiet daytime nap, giving you the peace you deserve, and baby the restful sleep they need.

Merino, nature’s wonder fibre, is proven to improve the sleep patterns of babies. Medical studies show that babies sleeping in merino settle more quickly, cry less, feed better and gain weight faster than other babies. This means your baby can easily settle into a successful, fuss-free sleep routine, giving you the reassurance you need as a new parent.

Newborn babies are unable to regulate their temperature, which is why the natural micro-fibre of merino, with its incomparable inherent thermal properties, is so important. Merino wool helps to control humidity allowing it to actively regulate your baby’s temperature. In hot conditions it removes heat and moisture away from your baby’s body and in cool conditions it insulates, creating the perfect microclimate for your baby.

To keep your baby snug and secure, the gown also has unique safety features including a unique ‘pouch’ bottom that makes it easy for your baby to move their legs, or for parents to tuck legs in when needed as well as safety sleeves that fold over little hands, negating the need for mittens and protecting your baby from scratching.

Perfect for layering under the Cocooi Newborn Baby Wrap or Sleepbag, the gown is super soft, lightweight and comfortable. The natural crimping of the material keeps your baby snug, without impeding movement so they can move easily and freely when needed.

Say goodnight to interrupted sleep routines with the Coccoi gown - the perfect natural sleep garment for newborns, which ensures they really will "sleep like a baby".

Review: High quality, soft fabric will allow baby to be comfortable day or night. Merino Kids Cocooi Newborn Gown is a benchmark in quality baby clothing.

Merino Kids Cocooi Newborn Gown
RRP: $49.00
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*Cocooi Range

Suitable for newborns to three months, the Cocooi range consists of the award-winning Cocooi Sleepbag, Cocooi Wrap and the new Cocooi gown. The Cocooi range is perfect for layering under and over each other; you can swaddle your newborn in a Cocooi Babywrap and wrap them for extra comfort in a Cocooi Sleepbag. When your baby grows, move them to the award-winning Go-Go bag, with the same unique design features as the Cocooi Sleepbag, in a larger size for babies up to two years, and toddlers up to four years.

The Cocooi Sleepbag, Cocooi Babywrap and Go-Go Bag have all won the prestigious iF International Product Design Award, a design award recognising contemporary design. The iF awards are testament to the innovation and uniqueness of Merino Kids garments and their design features, which deliver our promise to help your baby to sleep better.